Jenna Ortega And Paul Rudd Are Making Unicorn Even During Strike, Our Story Confirmed

By Jonathan Klotz | Updated

Jenna Ortega

Months ago, Giant Freakin Robot broke the story that Jenna Ortega and Paul Rudd were starring in A24’s Death of a Unicorn, and today, our exclusive has been confirmed by Variety.

In a rundown of movies approved to continue shooting during the strike by SAG-AFTRA, the upcoming black comedy horror movie was mentioned, with the note it’s shooting soon in Hungary. As reported, thanks to our trusted and proven sources, Jenna Ortega and Paul Rudd will be playing a father and daughter duo that comes across a real unicorn.

Since it is an A24 production, it’s not a pleasant encounter, rather, Jenna Ortega and Paul Rudd’s characters (Ridley and Elliot, respectively) hit a unicorn with their car and bring it to the wilderness retreat of a mega-wealthy pharmaceutical CEO. Naturally, the mythical beast has restorative properties, raising the question of what to do with the body, and it’s pretty clear who has ulterior motives already.

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Paul Rudd

The part of the CEO, Dell Leopold, has yet to be cast, but given the dark comedy stylings of A24, we humbly suggest Ralph Fiennes (who was amazing in The Menu), for the role. In truth, there’s no shortage of big names and famous faces that could carry the part opposite Jenna Ortega and Paul Rudd.

As for why Jenna Ortega and Paul Rudd, two card-carrying members of SAG-AFTRA, can work following the strike because the A24 production has no connection to the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP).

WAG and SAG-AFTRA are specifically striking against the AMPTP, which comprises the largest studies in Hollywood but allows truly independent productions to continue on a case-by-case basis.

In addition to Jenna Ortega and Paul Rudd’s Death of a Unicorn, another A24 film, Mother Mary starring Anne Hathaway and Michaela Coel, is moving forward. Flight Risk, starring Mark Wahlberg and directed by Mel Gibson, along with Dust Bunny, which brings together Mads Mikkelson and Sigourney Weaver, are both filming during the strike.

Jenna Ortega in X

Each approved production is doing so under the SAG-AFTRA proposed guidelines, with the requirement that they will acknowledge the final deal reached with the AMPTP. These waivers not only let stars like Jenna Ortega and Paul Rudd do what they do best, but the production crew can continue to work as well.

As for Death of a Unicorn, if Jenna Ortega plays her usual deadpan and snarky character while Paul Rudd is the slightly goofy everyman, it will be everything we want from the pairing. Especially under the watchful eye of the film’s director, Alex Scarfman, known for the most terrifying movies of the last decade, Heridatary and Midsommar, along with the recent cult-hit Beau is Afraid.

With shooting starting in the next few weeks, it will still be some time before Jenna Ortega and Paul Rudd’s Death of a Unicorn hits theaters, even if there wasn’t a pair of strikes bringing Hollywood to a standstill. Regardless of how long it takes, A24 taking aim at the pharmaceutical industry with its dark humor and excellent cast sounds like a recipe for success.