See Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Son In The Walking Dead

Jeffrey Dean Morgan's son is going to be on The Walking Dead and we have the photo!

By Kristi Eckert | Published

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character Negan has been a pivotal part of The Walking Dead since the end of the show’s sixth season. In season 10, fans got to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan star on screen alongside his real-life wife Hilary Burton Morgan when the series took a deep dive into Negan’s tortured backstory. Now, the actor’s son, Gus Morgan is getting a chance to take part in the family business. An official post on AMC’s The Talking Dead Twitter account revealed a sneak peek of Gus Morgan as a walker. 

The Talking Dead tweet exclaimed that the teaser clip featured both a tough-as-nails Judith and Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s son as a full-fledged zombie. Fans can check out the full clip below. 

The Talking Dead’s tweet has generated a great deal of excitement from devoted fans. In an exclusive interview that Jeffrey Dean Morgan did alongside co-star Lauren Cohan (Maggie) to promote the final season of The Walking Dead for, the elder Morgan revealed how proud he was of his son’s performance and how excited he was about it. He also joked that the first time they attempted to put Zombie makeup on his son, a couple of years prior, he passed out in fear as soon as he took one look at himself. It looks like he has since gotten over that fear and fans don’t have to wait any longer to watch the full episode. “Out of the Ashes” premiered on Sunday on AMC and is also currently streaming on AMC+. 

While Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s epic run on The Walking Dead is coming to a close, the end of The Walking Dead might not mean the end for his character Negan. Morgan has expressed interest in working on a spinoff series starring the character as long as the potential new show is a sequel and not a prequel. Even though nothing official has been confirmed, and fans will likely have to wait until after the series concludes to see if a Negan spinoff comes to fruition, Morgan said that AMC executives approached him with the idea. 

A Negan spinoff series would certainly make a lot of fans happy. Especially given that many were not too fond of the direction Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character took in the show’s season 11 premiere. Another show could allow the writers to tell a variety of different stories that could satisfy viewers. 

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan has certainly made a name for himself on one of the longest-running television shows currently on the air, but the accomplished actor has also worked on a plethora of other projects outside of The Walking Dead. According to his IMDb page, Jeffrey Dean Morgan just wrapped up production on two movies back to back. He will be appearing in The Integrity of Joseph Chambers, which is expected to release sometime in 2021, and Fall. The plots of both of these movies are being kept secret. 

Whether it be The Walking Dead, his run on the CW’s Supernatural, or one of his newest projects, Jeffrey Dean Morgan has clearly proven himself as one of the most capable, devoted, and humble actors in Hollywood.