The Jason Momoa Werewolf Horror Movie On Streaming That Was A Hilarious Flop

By Steven Nelson | Updated

jason momoa
Jason Momoa in Wolves

These days, Jason Momoa is a superstar of the highest order, playing Aquaman in the DC universe and getting major screen time in some of the biggest franchises around. But in 2014, Jason Momoa starred in the movie Wolves, a flick that turned out to be a major misstep in his career. And you can see it unfold in unintended hilarious fashion with Wolves streaming on Amazon Prime.

Directed by David Hayter, this supernatural thriller failed to resonate with audiences and was met with critical disappointment, becoming a box office disaster. And on that latter point, calling it a disaster with ticket sales is almost a massive understatement. From that respect, this was a true horror movie.

In Wolves, Momoa plays Connor, the menacing alpha werewolf and the leader of a pack that wreaks havoc on a small town. While Momoa’s imposing presence and physicality are well-suited to the role, the film’s weak plot and lackluster execution did little to showcase his true talent as an actor.

In Wolves, Momoa plays Connor, the menacing alpha werewolf and the leader of a pack that wreaks havoc on a small town

The story follows Cayden Richards (Lucas Till), a high school student who leads a seemingly normal life until a violent incident triggers a series of disturbing changes in him. After his parents’ tragic death, Cayden sets out on a journey to uncover the truth about his mysterious transformation.

As he delves deeper into the mystery, Cayden discovers that he is a werewolf, and his true heritage lies in a world of mythical creatures and ancient rivalries (of which Jason Momoa is at the center). Fearing the darkness within him, he seeks refuge in a remote town called Lupine Ridge, home to a secretive werewolf community.

jason momoa wolves
Jason Momoa in Wolves

In Lupine Ridge, Cayden meets alpha werewolf, Connor Slaughter (Jason Momoa, and yes you read that character name right), who rules the pack with an iron fist. As Cayden struggles to control his newfound instincts and navigates a dangerous world of werewolf politics, he becomes entangled in a deadly conflict between rival packs.

The movie’s critical reception was scathing, with reviewers criticizing its clichéd storyline, one-dimensional characters, and subpar special effects. Wolves struggled to find an audience and left viewers disappointed, tarnishing the reputation of its lead star. And the box office? It reportedly made less than $500K in sales set against an $18 million dollar budget. That’s about as bad as it comes from a money perspective.

Wolves reportedly made less than $500K in sales set against an $18 million dollar budget

At the time, Wolves represented a significant misstep for Jason Momoa, who was still building his career in Hollywood. Following his breakout role as Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones, Momoa had the opportunity to take on more challenging and diverse roles, but Wolves did not live up to expectations.

Jason Momoa’s Career Recovered From Wolves


However, it’s important to note that even the most talented actors have their share of misfires, and Momoa’s career has since seen significant redemption. He went on to achieve great success as Arthur Curry, the formidable Aquaman, in the DC Extended Universe. Even with that run likely coming to an end after Aquaman 2 (which is having production struggles of its own), he clearly has the chops to carry a superhero story.

And he just took a major role in the Fast & Furious franchise, appearing as Dante Reyes in 2023s Fast X. The character was menacing and Jason Momoa had no problem sharing the screen along with all of the big names featured in this tenth installment of the many-billion dollar franchise. He’ll be in Fast X Part 2 as well.

He also had a starring role in Dune though he won’t be back for that sequel after his character met his end. But there are rumors of a Minecraft movie and again, one day Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will finally finish off the current iteration of that franchise.

While Wolves remains a forgettable blip in Jason Momoa’s filmography, it serves as a reminder that even the most talented actors can stumble. Fortunately, Momoa has since rebounded, carving a path for himself as a major cog in the Hollywood machine.

And sometimes it’s worth just checking back in with the box office bombs. They have a place in streaming sometimes. That could be the case with Jason Momoa in Wolves streaming on Amazon.