Aquaman 2

DC Superhero Adventure Is The Most Popular Movie In The World

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is the number one streaming movie on Max. Based on the popular DC Comics character, the …

2 months ago

Can You Register Star Trek’s Enterprise D As A Support Animal?

In the most recent Best of the Worst episode from RedLetterMedia, it was clear that the movie they had watched …

3 months ago

books of magic

DC Defeats Themselves In Embarrassing Box Office

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, the final installment in the DC Extended Universe, managed to salvage some pride at the …

3 months ago

Aquaman 2 Suffers One Final Humiliation, DC’s Nail In The Coffin

Long before its release on December 22, 2023, it was speculated that Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom would be yet …

4 months ago

Aquaman 2 Gets Destroyed By Surprising Competition

We’ve long been stoked to see how Warner Bros. and DC’s final title of the year, Aquaman and the Lost …

4 months ago

Aquaman 2 Opens Worse Than Marvel’s Biggest Flop

The holiday opening weekend numbers are in, and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom isn’t doing so hot. As of December …

4 months ago

Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom Reviews Are All Saying The Same Thing

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has hardly been out for 24 hours and already audiences are slamming the Jason Momoa …

4 months ago

Aquaman 2 Kills The DCEU Without Even A Red Carpet Premiere

No one will be rolling out the red carpet for Aquaman. Instead, Aquaman 2 appears to be going out with …

4 months ago

Jason Momoa Gets Aquaman 2 Story Credit, Here’s Why

Beyond stretching into his spandex bodysuit and memorizing pages upon pages of dialogue, Jason Momoa also held another role in …

4 months ago

Aquaman 2 Director Practically Spoils Controversial Story Moment

The first Aquaman earned over a billion dollars and instantly became the most successful DCEU film. Warner Bros. obviously has …

4 months ago

The Only Aquaman 2 Character That Matters Gets The Respect They Deserve

James Wan recently interviewed with and revealed a very important detail about his upcoming film Aquaman 2. There will …

4 months ago

Aquaman 2 Director Tired Of Superhero Movies And Wants To Make Horror Movies Again

Legendary director James Wan recently revealed to Collider that he is itching to get back into the horror genre. Though …

4 months ago

Aquaman 2 Flopping Even Harder Than The Marvels

It’s no secret that the DCEU has had more misses than hits, and that’s exactly why James Gunn is rebooting …

5 months ago

aquaman 2 ben affleck Netflix

Aquaman 2 Features Ben Affleck’s Batman? Director Reveals The Truth

After months of speculation, James Wan confirmed that Aquaman 2 will not feature an appearance from Ben Affleck as Batman. Speaking to Empire, …

6 months ago

Aquaman 3 Actually Happening After Controversy?

While we’re waiting patiently for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom to see its December 2024 release, Empire reports that James …

6 months ago

Aquaman 2 Director Says Reality Isn’t Being Reported, Responds To Horrible Rumors

DC’s upcoming superhero sequel, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has been facing a barrage of negative press and hate from …

6 months ago

amber heard aquaman 2

Amber Heard Cut Out Of Aquaman 2 For Good?

Just how much of Amber Heard’s work on Aquaman 2 has made it into the film’s final cut? A long-awaited …

6 months ago

jasoaquaman 2

Jason Momoa Allegedly Drunk On Aquaman 2 Set And That’s Not All

As Aquaman 2 prepares to conclude the DCEU, reports of on-set issues have emerged, including claims that Jason Momoa might …

7 months ago

Aquaman 2 Scene That Made Audiences Walk Out Is Shockingly Dark

The release of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is right around the corner, but there are rumors that a very …

7 months ago

Why Aquaman 2 Is Dead In The Water

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, the second installment in Jason Momoa’s standalone superhero film series, has been no stranger to …

7 months ago

Aquaman 2 Actually Looks Amazing? 

It’s an open secret that the past few years of DC movies have given us some disappointing box office bombs …

7 months ago

aquaman 2 amber heard

Amber Heard Confirmed To Be Cut Out Of Aquaman 2?

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has experienced several challenges leading to its release. However, Amber Heard and the bad press surrounding …

7 months ago

Everyone Already Hates Aquaman 2, Even The Director

With all of the other drama going on at DC—not to mention Warner Bros. as a whole—it’s easy to forget …

7 months ago

amber heard aquaman

Amber Heard Missing From Aquaman 2 Trailer, Deleted From Movie?

The new Aquaman 2 teaser trailer was released this weekend, and fans can’t help but notice that Amber Heard is …

7 months ago

books of magic

The Next Big DC Superhero Movie Being Deleted From WB Servers, Will Never Be Released?

Fans have been questioning the fate of Aquaman 2 for months as the studio fails to promote the film before its December …

7 months ago

amber heard johnny depp

See The Major Amber Heard Change DC Made For Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom

Last year, Amber Heard went head to head with her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, in the defamation suit seen around the …

8 months ago

DC Loses Shocking Amount Of Money From Its Terrible Movies

DC needs a hero to save it from its most dastardly villain, its archnemesis, the one hellbent on ruining the …

8 months ago

jason momoa

Aquaman 2 Director Explains It’s A Stand-Alone Movie

Aquaman 2 will be a standalone film unrelated to the 2018 movie.

10 months ago