Jack Reacher Star Signs Huge New Deal

Alan Ritchson is known for two things: being Amazon Prime Video's Jack Reacher and being really, really big. Now there's a third thing.

By Dan Lawrence | Published

Jack Reacher

Reacher is a big deal! The adaptation of the long-running Jack Reacher series has had massive success on Amazon Prime. Its central star Alan Ritchson is a big guy and also a big deal in his own right and such is the success of Reacher, Amazon has snapped Ritchson up to a huge new three feature film deal, as reported by MovieWeb.

At this time, it is not known what the three feature films will entail, nor do the Alan Ritchson-led projects have a release date. However, the Jack Reacher actor shared his thoughts on the new deal in a statement reported via The Wrap; “My goal is to bring stories to life that unite global audiences. “[Jen] Salke and team have proven they not only have a keen eye for broadly compelling projects, but with the power of Prime Video, the might to bring them to more eyes than anyone else. I couldn’t be more excited for the adventures we’ll bring moviegoers together.” It is clear that Ritchson is delighted with the prospect of working further with Amazon Prime, and the feeling is mutual as proved in an adjoining statement from Jennifer Salke, head of Amazon Studios; “Reacher has exceeded our wildest expectations, and Alan’s captivating performance has played a huge role in the show’s success. “We could not be more thrilled to continue growing our relationship and to share what are sure to be more brilliant performances with our global Prime Video audience.”

To say Reacher exceeded expectations is an understatement. Alan Ritchson succeeded Tom Cruise in the role of Jack Reacher (Cruise previously appeared in two film adaptations of the famous Lee Child Jack Reacher series) in the Amazon prime show that debuted last year. The show was an instant hit and was renewed for a second season just three days following its release. It is obvious from Jennifer Salke’s words that they see Ritchson as an integral part of this success, hence his reward in the form of a three-picture deal. Ritchson recently appeared in HBO Max’s Titans series and other previous credits include the comedy show Blue Mountain State and Smallville. Not only does Alan Ritchson have a career in front of the camera, but he also has forged a career in the director’s chair, making his debut with the film Dark Web: Cicada 3301.

Alan Ritchson’s casting of Jack Reacher has also been documented as favorable in the eyes of fans of the Jack Reacher novels and of their author Lee Child. The backlash that was met with Tom Cruise’s iteration came down to the matter of height. Cruise is by no means tall in stature and Lee Child’s creation stands at a whopping six feet and five inches tall. Luckily, Ritchson is a hulking muscular figure standing just three inches shy of this figure. His impressive physicality in the role was perfectly put on display in Reacher, such as in the infamous prison brawl scene (see below).

Amazon’s faith in Alan Ritchson’s Jack Reacher and their faith in his ability to deliver in further projects for the streaming studio are well found in solid numbers. According to Forbes, Reacher became Amazon’s biggest ever show. In three days, Reacher racked up an eye-watering 1.84 billion minutes of viewing time for the entirety of its eight episodes. The very definition of binge-watching in all its glory. Given Ritchson’s ability to carry such a juggernaut whilst portraying a character with intelligence and hulking physical ability would suggest that the three feature films he is set to star in for Amazon will be of an action-led nature. It is very easy to see Ritchson in an Extraction style role like Chris Hemsworth over at Netflix. Amazon will be surely hoping that they can pull something of that magnitude off.