Iron Chef Reboot On The Way From Netflix

By Erika Hanson | 4 months ago

iron chef netflix

The streaming behemoth Netflix is continuing its momentum at becoming a top contender in the world of streaming. With the last few years bringing the streaming service immense success from not only new series and films but also revivals like Cobra Kai and Fuller House, the production company recently cooked up a deal for the revival of an iconic culinary show. Netflix has ordered Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend, which is billed as a supersized take on the original cable classic from Food Network

Per The Hollywood Reporter, eight episodes have been ordered for the upcoming series. From Keller Productions and 3 Ball Productions, Eytan Keller (Kids Baking Championship), Daniel Calin (Master Chef), and Ross Weintraub (Coming Out Colton) will all serve as executive producers for the revamped Iron Chef series. The revival will bring the heat to Netflix sometime later in 2022.

Iron Chef has a global legacy with roots in Japan. The first version of the cooking competition aired in 1993 on Fuji Television. The series was fashioned as a stylized cook-off featuring guest chefs that were tasked with challenging one of the show’s patron “Iron Chefs” in a timed cooking battle built around a specific themed ingredient. Already boasting success in Japan, the show became an unforeseen hit in the United States when Food Network began airing English-dubbed reruns. With much of the success seemingly coming from the campy charm that similarly won over the hearts of English movie-watchers the same way classic Chinese Kung fu movies have often done, Food Network set out in 2005 to recreate the popular series.

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First airing on Food Network in 2005, Iron Chef America was very reminiscent of its Japanese version.  Featuring various resident Iron Chefs over the series’ lucrative 11 seasons, the show featured some of the world’s most culinary gifted chefs such as Mario Batali, Cat Cora, Bobby Flay, and Masaharu Morimoto- one of the o.g’s from Iron Chef Japan. The final episode of the American spinoff closed the doors to their famous Chelsea Market Kitchen Stadium in New York nearly a decade ago in 2013. However, Food Network attempted a revival of the series in 2017 through Iron Chef Gauntlet. Hosted by Food Network culinary mastermind Alton Brown, the reboot featured seven globally renowned chefs battling in the last chef standing style format. The last chef remaining then faced a gauntlet challenge by defeating three other Iron Chefs to claim the title. However, the reboot was unable to capture the same essence the series had and was canceled following the second season. 

With details on the upcoming Netflix revival still tightly under wraps, the streaming service announced the competition will feature five new Iron Chefs. They will welcome new challengers into the famous Kitchen Stadium once again to test their limits in a battle of gastronomic skills. At the end of the season, the most successful challenger will return to battle in an epic gourmet show-off to crown the eponymous Iron Legend. Netflix has already observed plenty of success through similar styled culinary competitions like Nailed It and The Great British Baking Show. If the streaming service plans on sticking to the routes of the iconic show, the series will surely be a hit amongst the services viewers.