Netflix Has Gone All In With The Crude Name Of Their New Game Show

By James Brizuela | 3 weeks ago

netflix walkout

Anyone who has ever played poker and has the ability to bluff their way out of any situation might be interested in the new Netflix show that is set to air. Hosted by Howie Mandel, the streaming service will release a show called…Bullsh*t The Game Show. Yes, you read right. The show is all about, well, BSing your opponents. Where most game shows reward those who have a better knowledge of general trivia, this game show will focus on who can lie better. You won’t need to know the correct answer to questions, you just need to convince everyone in the room that you are telling the truth. If you can effectively convince people that you are the smartest person in the room, you could win a ton of money from Netflix.

Contestants on the show will work their way up a money ladder by answering questions about general knowledge. However, if they happen to not know the answer to a question asked, well, they will lie like their life depends on it. Bullsh*t The Game Show is just another show being added to Netflix, in their growing entertainment sector for game shows that the streaming service has been targeting. The Floor is Lava is another show in which fans flocked to watch on the platform. Nobody’s Hero is the production company that is helming the show. They are responsible for another hit game show on Netflix called, Nailed It! Christopher Potts and Jonty Nash are the heads of this production company.

Bullsh*t The Game Show will be Howie Mandel’s first time hosting for Netflix. He has spent the majority of his career on big network shows like America’s Got Talent, and Deal or No Deal. Mandel is also a co-host on a show with his son Alex on Nat Geo Wild called, Animals Doing Things and he has a documentary about his life Howie Mandel: But Enough About Me which is currently streaming on Peacock. It sounds as if Mandel plans to remain as busy as ever, and he is going to be the face of this new show about deception and lies.

Nobody’s Hero is pairing with ITV America, where they have struck an overall deal. David Friedman is set to be the showrunner. He has worked on big-name shows like NBC’s Titan Games and Fox’s The Four: Battle for Stardom. Alan Carter, who is the director for The Voice will be helming Bullsh*t The Game Show. It sounds as if Netflix is putting a lot of top talent on this new show, so it is likely to be highly entertaining. How the lying function is going to operate in the show still remains a bit of mystery and curious viewers will have to wait until the summer to see the show air on the streaming platform. However, it sounds like a lot of fun already.

Netflix is pulling out all stops by attempting to become one the largest entertainment hubs in the world. From films to original content, and now their attempts to tackle the primetime game show sector shows that they want to become the #1 stop for TV binging in homes all around the world. But really, when is The Floor is Lava coming back?