Invincible Season 2 Break Makes Fans Furious

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

invincible season 2

Invincible fans had to wait nearly three long years before their favorite superhero show came back for season 2, but it’s definitely been worth the wait. The first four episodes have given us a real emotional rollercoaster following Mark Grayson’s struggles as a superhero, student, boyfriend, and son. However, fans are angry that the rollercoaster ride is so short: season 2 of this Amazon show has been split into two parts, and now that fans have realized they have to wait until some unannounced date in 2024 to see the final four episodes, they’ve become as angry as Omni-Man.

This X user, for example, seems to be speaking for a great many Invincible fans who are angry at having to wait to see the rest of season 2. Like those other fans, the user focuses on the fact that the creative team behind the hit show has waited a very long time in order to deliver a second season. While there is always a “quality over quantity” argument to be made, the general consensus is that the season should either have more episodes or no break given how long it has been since we last saw Mark Grayson tangling with his dad.

As Collider reports, Invincible creator Robert Kirkman praised the idea of having a break in the middle of season 2 because, as with The Walking Dead, “it’s kind of cool to have that pause to digest what you’ve just experienced.” However, this X user points out the main flaw with that plan: with a season as short as eight episodes, fans don’t really have much of an incentive to watch four eps now and wait months for more. Conversely, fans who don’t mind dodging spoilers have a powerful incentive to simply kick back and wait until they can binge the entire season all at once.

Obviously, most of the fan annoyance at having to wait for more Invincible Season 2 comes from the fact that audiences have really been digging the new season. However, this X user brings up an uncomfortable argument that more disgruntled audiences are starting to express…that the animation quality of the show doesn’t reflect the time it has taken to animate the eight episodes of the second season. This goes back to the quality vs. quantity argument: if it takes over two and a half years to bring us only eight episodes, many fans can’t help but think they should look better than this.

While you should take this one with all the grains of salt in the saltshaker, one X user has some potential good news about the wait for Invincible Season 2: it might not be much of a wait at all. The user claims to have a “jailbroken fire stick” that reveals the second half of the season will drop on January 4, 2024, leading to a January 25 finale. Obviously, this has not been confirmed, but we share this fan’s hope that the show will come back sooner rather than later.

We’ve mostly been focusing on the negative fan reception to Invincible taking a break in the middle of season 2, but it’s worth stressing once more that most of this comes from a place of love and the burning need to see how this story ends. Meanwhile, Kevin Feige and other executives are trying to figure out why there has been such a lackluster response to films like The Marvels and whether it can all be chalked up to superhero fatigue or not. 

But the success of Invincible proves that so-called “superhero fatigue” isn’t real: audiences simply want great stories built around compelling characters instead of soulless studio cash grabs. And we can only imagine Robert Kirkman comparing the meager fan reception to The Marvels to the eager fan reception to Invincible and echoing the famous Omni-Man meme: “look what they need to mimic a fraction of our power!”