Iconic ’60s Sitcom Getting Revived By The Boys Writer

By Jeffrey Rapaport | Published

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An exciting development awaits fans of classic television and contemporary superhero drama alike: the iconic ’60s sitcom Bewitched is slated to enchant a brand new generation, receiving a fresh reboot spearheaded by Judalina Neira, known for her work on The Boys and Daisy Jones & the Six. The revival stems from Neira’s overall deal with Sony Pictures Television. The development deal constitutes a significant collaboration intended to produce compelling, wide-reaching drama content for cable and streaming platforms.

Bewitched Is Being Rebooted

Neira is a big name and respected fixture in Hollywood. Her recent projects include executive producing the upcoming fourth season of The Boys for Amazon Prime Video and co-executive producing the offshoot of the celebrated anti-superhero series, Gen V.

The potential fusion of two demographics—those who stream The Boys and those who remember Bewitched—is an exciting prospect that, who knows, may lead to a trend. Neira will both write and executive produce the series reboot. 

A Modern Twist On A Classic Sitcom

The revival of the ’60s show outwardly appears to be a quirky and reinvisioned imagining of the classic and iconic piece of TV history. Projected to comprise hour-long episodes, fans should expect a modern twist on the beloved story.

Doug Robinson will join Neira, who executive produced The Goldbergs, and Lauren Moffat of Robinson’s production company. The production team, sporting a robust track record in both comedy and drama, definitely inspires confidence. 

A Smash Hit For Years

Bewitched, initially airing for eight seasons on ABC, from 1964 to 1972, was the original creation of Sol Saks and was produced by the legendary Harry Ackerman. The series famously starred Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha, a witch married to an ordinary, non-magical, and mortal man, Darrin. The classic series explored the comedic tensions between Samanthas’s magical abilities and her desire to lead an everyday, suburban life.

Previous Reboot Attempts

The upcoming revival is but one of many previous attempts to reboot the show, all of which were undertaken by Sony TV. However, Neira’s revival of Bewitched embodies a promising and momentous take on the well-known franchise–perhaps in the vein of the Bel-Air drama’s reconceptualization of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. 

Judalina Neira’s Work With Sony

More than a mere business arrangement, Neira’s partnership with Sony Pictures Television is a genuine collaboration, one born of their shared history and mutual creative respect. The deal between Neira and Sony prepares the stage for a wide array of character-driven projects under the creative’s newly launched production company, Famous Last Words Productions.

The Boys And Bewitched Have Little In Common On The Surface

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Superhero fans will tell you that The Boys is a gritty, unapologetically violent, and darkly comedic take on the genre. While it may not remind the average viewer of Bewitched–its satirical depiction of a commercialized, corrupted superhero universe garnered well-deserved critical acclaim and a devoted fanbase.

Will We See A Darker Take On Bewitched?

Neira’s executive role in producing the upcoming fourth season of The Boys and her work on Gen V means she’s a spectacular candidate–a creative more than capable of handling complex narratives that blend dark themes with engaging humor. Her experience on The Boys perhaps hints at a more nuanced, even darker conception of Bewitched, which is something we’d be keen to see. 

Happy For A Beloved Sitcom To Come Back

With Neira at the helm, the reboot could involve the social commentary and moral questioning integral to her previous projects. Either way, we’re excited for her version of Bewitched