Hugh Jackman Reveals Gigantic Twist For Wolverine In Deadpool 3 That Sounds Awesome

Hugh Jackman is hinting he might be playing multiversal variants of Wolverine in Deadpool 3.

By Melissa Murphy | Updated

hugh jackman deadpool 3

After performing one last heroic act, Wolverine died in the 2017 film Logan leaving fans to believe that Hugh Jackman’s time playing the notorious antihero was over. According to the latest news from, that may not be the case. Hugh Jackman will be reprising the role, but this time as a multiverse version of Wolverine in the upcoming Deadpool 3.

Hugh Jackman explains how returning to the role of Wolverine will not affect the timeline set by Logan. He hints at a “dual role” which could mean a new Wolverine variant set in a different multiverse appearing in the upcoming Deadpool installment. Fans have seen multiverse variants of characters before, like when Patrick Stewart returned for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness as Professor X.

It is not clear yet if that is what Hugh Jackman is hinting at for the upcoming Deadpool 3. However, he notes how Marvel is able to move around timelines, meaning his role in Deadpool 3 will not mess up the events of Logan. He explained how being able to maintain the integrity of stories that have already been told is important to him and, he believes, to fans as well. 

With the release of Deadpool 3 slated for over a year away, fans will have to wait a while longer before they can see Hugh Jackman a Wolverine again. Until 2021, Hugh Jackman held the record for the longest career as a live-action Marvel character. Fans have been enjoying the actor as Wolverine since X-Men aired in 2000. However, many believed the star had retired from the role in 2017 after Wolverine’s death at the end of Logan.

hugh jackman deadpool 3
Hugh Jackman in Logan

Now fans can look forward to Hugh Jackman returning for Deadpool 3 alongside longtime friend Ryan Reynolds. The two began working together in 2009 on the blockbuster X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The two have been close ever since often putting on a show for fans with a fake rivalry. 

Now fans can get excited about seeing them on screen together again in Deadpool 3. Much about the upcoming installment has remained under wraps so fans will have to wait a while longer to learn more about what they can expect from the film. However, Hugh Jackman did let people in on the dynamic between Wolverine and Deadpool and what we might be able to look forward to seeing in Deadpool 3.

Fans have not seen the two characters together since their face-off in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Hugh Jackman does let fans in on the two’s relationship and their apparent dislike for each other. Wolverine cannot stand Deadpool and, as Hugh Jackman puts it, Wolverine is “probably going to punch him in the head a lot.”

Fans will have to wait a while longer to catch their first glimpse of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in Deadpool 3. Hugh Jackman has a lot of preparation before filming. To be ready to reprise Wolverine, he will have to get back the hero’s buff figure. For Jackman that will mean a diet of steamed chicken and broccoli.

With the movie’s release date looming in the future, slated for November 2024, fans have a lot to look forward to for Hugh Jackman, Wolverine, and Deadpool 3.