Henry Cavill Returning For A Major Netflix Sequel

By Doug Norrie | 1 month ago

henry cavill millie Bobby brown enola holmes

Though Henry Cavill has an uncertain future in the DC Extended Universe, the wishy-washiness around his role there isn’t in any way a litmus test for how the rest of his career is going. Because this guy just keeps getting work despite not knowing if he’s ever going to return as Superman. The latest news, confirmed by the Twitter account over at Netflix is that Cavill will be returning to the world of Enola Holmes when that budding franchise gets a sequel soon. 

The latest tweet from Netflix is unambiguous and gives some details around this next Enola Holmes movie in terms of what we can expect from the sequel. Millie Bobby Brown is returning as the titular character with Henry Cavill reprising his role as older brother Sherlock Holmes from the original. Harry Bradbeer is back in the director’s chair and writer Jack Thorne will once again pen the script. Check it out:

This news of an Enola Holmes sequel isn’t all that surprising with rumors floating out there recently that Netflix was prepared to commit to the character and the franchise going forward. This is likely only the beginning of even more stories for this group with the streaming platform more than bullish on the character and the Holmes-ian world in general. Recent rumors had it that Henry Cavill would be getting a larger role in future stories as well, with the franchise likely taking more advantage of the Sherlock character teaming with Enola in some of the mysteries. There’s no reason to have a star like Cavill simply in cameos when it comes to a production like this one. 

Enola Holmes with Millie Bobby Brown in the lead and Henry Cavill having a big part as well was a huge success for Netflix when it released last September. Not only did it hit with critics at 91% on Rotten Tomatoes, but it also marked one of the most-watched movies Netflix had last year. Netflix reported over 75 million subscribers streamed the movie in its first month on the platform and was in the top-20 most-watched movie on any streaming platform for the year. In this day and age, this represents a blockbuster. 

henry cavill millie Bobby brown enola holmes

And Henry Cavill is no stranger to Netflix with his other franchise, The Witcher having just wrapped filming on its second season. There were some pandemic-related delays in production, but the show should see the story pick back up sometime this year. Like Enola Holmes, it was also a massive hit for Netflix when it came out at the end of 2019. It ended up being the most-watched series across all streaming platforms when it first released. So one can see why Netflix wants to be in the Henry Cavill game at this point. 

As for his other franchise as Superman in the DC Extended Universe. That run might be coming to an end soon. There hasn’t been a commitment by Warner Bros. to continue stories around Cavill’s version of the character and we will be getting a new Superman soon. But even if he never returns to his Kryptonian roots there, he has things pretty set over on Netflix right now.