See Henry Cavill As Highlander’s New Connor MacLeod

Henry Cavill is signed on for Highlander. If he plays Connor MacLeod, here's what he'll look like.

By Faith McKay | Published

henry cavill

What do we know so far about the Highlander reboot? That a lot of the original talent behind that franchise is involved behind the scenes and that Henry Cavill is attached. We don’t know if he’ll be playing a familiar character or if they’ll be starting fresh with a new character for Cavill to play. So while we don’t yet know if he’ll be playing the legendary character Connor MacLeod, originally played by Christopher Lambert, but that’s a fair possibility and a good guess. Why not bring back MacLeod for a new generation, and Cavill seems a natural fit for the character. Fans have apparently agreed. To that end, the talented fanartist BossLogic has brought us a look at Cavill in the role in a new piece on their Instagram.

Take a look at the piece featuring Henry Cavill in the role below.

BossLogic often celebrates announcements for new movies with new pieces that take on what they’d like to see in the new piece. This one is celebrating the announcement that he’ll be starring in a Highlander reboot, something that Justin Lin and Ryan Reynolds have previously been rumored to be attached to. This official announcement for Cavill means the project is finally, truly moving forward.

There has been a lot of discussion around Henry Cavill lately. A lot of people believe that since Man of Steel 2 never happened, and a new Superman project is moving forward with a new Clark Kent for DC, that perhaps Cavill’s time as Superman has run out. This isn’t necessarily a done deal. The new Superman project won’t be part of the DC Extended Universe. That means that, like Joker, it doesn’t happen in the same universe as Justice League. However, it does seem like it would be strange for Henry Cavill to get a new Superman solo project any time soon with this new movie announcement. It seems like the best we could hope for is that he’ll appear in other DCEU films as Superman sometimes.

henry cavill

All of that being said, Henry Cavill is in no way hard up for work. He has Enola Holmes 2 recently announced for Netflix and just wrapped up filming on The Witcher season two. That’s an extremely strong performer on Netflix, so many more seasons are expected. And now, he has Highlander. The rumors about his future in the DCEU make it sound like Henry Cavill is a castoff of some kind, but in truth, it seems like his career, fame, and the respect his audience has for him continue to grow. He’s a star on the rise.

While we don’t know when Highlander is coming out or a lot of details about the plot or character he’ll be playing, we do know that this is a franchise with multiple movies and television series in the past. We also know that some of the original producers and people previously involved behind-the-scenes are back. This is one of the biggest tells for reviving some of that magic when you’re attempting a reboot. This means there is plenty of reason to believe, even in this early stage, that Henry Cavill has signed on for something that could be pretty big.

It’s unlikely this will be the only new casting announcement we’ll be hearing for Cavill in the near future. He seems to be comfortable filling up his schedule with as many projects as he can at this stage of his career. What’s up for him next? Will he officially get signed on for James Bond after Daniel Craig? Will he manage to make Man of Steel 2 happen after all this time? We’ll be watching to see, but more big things are expected.