New He-Man Trailer Promises A Huge Fantasy Epic, Watch It Now

The latest He-Man trailer for Masters of the Universe: Revelation looks absolutely awesome. It could be an epic fantasy series on Netflix.

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Netflix He-Man

Children of the 80s rejoice. We will soon get a return to one of the most beloved cartoon universes from that decade. In less than a month, He-Man will return to the screen in a return to Eternia with all the power you’ve come to know from the character. It’s an exciting time, with Kevin Smith leading the charge for this updated story about a beloved and iconic Grayskull-ian. And we are now getting another look at the series with the latest extended trailer dropping for the new series Masters of the Universe: Revelation. 

This is the second He-Man trailer to drop in the last few weeks, but this one gives a much longer look at what we can expect from the upcoming Netflix show. Simply put, there’s a ton going on here with a sense of the true magnitude of the universe Smith has created and a reimagining of characters from the original program. There’s plenty to feast your eyes on here with a look into how the story begins to play out, who is at the center of the action, and even a sense of what perils the folks in Eternia will face. Check out the Masters of the Universe: Revelation trailer. 

For the new story, it looks like He-Man’s Sword of Power has actually been split into two, causing a mystery at the heart of Eternia and a competition for power between those in Grayskull and the contingent with Skeletor at Snake Mountain. This is a familiar arc from the original story, though added intrigue around whether everyone is on the same side as before. And, of course, supernatural powers are at the center of the proceedings with Cringer arguing that the world is at stake if magic is allowed to die. It looks like epic fantasy content. 

This latest He-Man story is set to actually pick up after the events of the animated series from the 80s. That show ran for two glorious seasons and inspired a whole line of toys and characters at the time. This new story, which is being developed by Kevin Smith for Netflix will focus on the Sword of Power, putting Teela at the center of the action while also calling back to familiar taglines like “I have the power!” The trailer lets us in on the new looks for some of the characters with He-Man and Teela specifically getting much-needed updates to a more modern animated look. 

But this He-Man series will feature new looks for familiar favorites as well. We see the new imaginings of Man-at-Arms, Beast Man, Cringer for the good guys as well as Evil-Lyn, Tri-Klops, and of course Skeletor who actually looks similar to the original on the side of evil. 

skeletor vs he-man

In addition to bringing back the classic characters, Kevin Smith has added an absolutely stacked voice cast to this next He-Man production. There’s Chris Wood and Sarah Michelle Gellar voicing He-Man and Teela respectively and Mark Hammil is handling Skeletor. Plus other notables include Lena Headley, Diedrich Bader, Liam Cunningham, Alicia Silverstone, Justin Long, Dennis Haysbert, and Smith friend Jason Mewes among many others. 

This next He-Man show, Masters of the Universe: Revelation does look truly awesome and is set to hit Netflix on July 23rd and looks like appointment streaming.