Netflix He-Man Trailer Looks Utterly Crazy, Watch It Now

Take your first look at the He-Man trailer for Netflix.

By Faith McKay | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

Netflix He-Man

We have just gotten our first trailer for the Kevin Smith He-Man project at Netflix, and it’s every bit as over-the-top as fans of the original series could possibly hope for. It’s full of bright colors, it’s got that 1980s vibe, and the song choice. Oh, the song choice. You have to see the trailer for Masters of the Universe: Revelation to believe it.

Watch the Netflix trailer below.

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard He-Man yell “I have the power!”, but it’s happening. Oh, it’s happening. And it’s happening to the Bonnie Tyler song Holding Out For A Hero, which was absolutely the best choice for the target audience here. Legendary composer Bear McCreary, who has done the music for Battlestar Galactica, and The Walking Dead, will be providing the full soundtrack for the Netflix series. So, don’t expect epic hits all the time, but for the trailer, there couldn’t have been a better introduction.

If your ears weren’t too distracted by the epic 1980s music, you may have also noticed that our villain, Skeletor, is being voiced by Mark Hamill. The cast list also includes Sarah Michelle Gellar, Lena Headey, Chris Wood, Justin Long, Alicia Silverstone, Henry Rollins, and a lot of actors who seem nearly as excited as Kevin Smith does in interviews for Netflix’s new animated He-Man series.

Previously, we’ve seen promotional pictures for the project, but they didn’t do justice to how big Masters of the Universe: Revelation is going to go for Netflix. The series is going to be released in two parts of five episodes each. Part one of the new He-Man series will be available for streaming on July 23, 2021.

In terms of the design for the visuals and the outlining of the story, Kevin Smith has said that Masters of the Universe: Revelations is taking direct cues from the original series, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Their goal when making this was to make it something that the whole family would want to watch together. They put effort into making this a show for Netflix where adults who watched He-Man in the 1980s could pick up where they left off, but their kids could watch it with them without ever having seen the original. It appears that the trailer is working hard to make sure that adults see why they would be interested in watching a Masters of the Universe series today.

The story is going to find the characters at war for Eternia. It takes place shortly after the events in the original series. They’re going to be looking for the missing Sword of Power. Teela, voiced by Sarah Michelle Gellar, will play an important role in the search for the sword and bringing everyone together. And, as we can see in the trailer, He-Man will be fighting Skeletor.

Kevin Smith has been working on the new He-Man series for Netflix for the last several years. He’s made a lot of promises about the series being an epic project. Fortunately, the trailer makes it look like they may be living up to those promises.