Gina Carano Will Never Return To Star Wars

The Mandalorian and Star Wars folks appears to have made it final, stating that Gina Carano will never, ever return to the franchise

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Gina Carano fans probably shouldn’t hold their breath about the actress ever being uncanceled when in it comes to the Star Wars franchise. While there’s always just dribs and drabs of hope with these things, the expectation that maybe the studio would relent and decide they made some egregious error in judgment, that won’t be the case with Carano. According to insider Daniel Richtman, Disney has made it clear that the she will never return to The Mandalorian or the shared universe of upcoming series and the decision is final. 

It’s not in any way surprising that this is the decision the Star Wars folks have made about Gina Carano though it is funny that they feel the need to clarify it so strongly. When Carano was fired there was probably hope among some, maybe even the actress included, that there could be some kind of probation period, and eventually when the dust settled she could come back to the show. If that was the case it was likely a pipe dream, but the hope might have existed nonetheless. This statement would apparently put to rest any sliver of hope of Cara Dune coming back into the mix. 

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The studio making sure it is known about Gina Carano and her chances of returning (zero) come on the heels of The Mandalorian folks saying they will mention and possibly even explain Cara Dune’s absence in the next season of the show. In all likelihood, this will be how they explain her death. While that late part isn’t confirmed, it would dovetail with this most recent news about their firm stance on her ouster. The best way to close the door completely on her return would be to have her character die and therefore eliminate any speculation that there was a chance we’d see her back on screen. 

There might have also been internal rumblings and speculation about Gina Carano having a possible role in the other series like Star Wars: Rangers of the New Republic. It was thought that she would play the lead, or at least something close to it, in that series when it released, moving Dune into a world of stories all her own. That won’t be the case either and we are waiting on news about how that series will shake out. It exists in the same timeline as The Mandalorian which is why it was primed for a Carano lead. But they will have to go a different direction now. 

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All of this will-they-won’t-they speculation around Gina Carano stems from her high-profile firing back in February. It was then that her social media posting, which had caused great consternation among fans and the studio alike, caught up with her. A series of controversial posts culminated with one comparing a horrific event in human history to the treatment of modern-day Republicans. She was fired from The Mandalorian. But almost immediately she signed a new production deal, this time with the conservative outlet The Daily Wire which would have the actress starring and producing a new movie with that company. Details on the flick aren’t known though it could be a Star Wars-like production according to recent rumors. 

Whatever new project Gina Carano takes on won’t be in the actual Star Wars universe though. That much is certain. The studio has made it clear they have no intentions of ever striking up a relationship ever again with the actress and are going out of their way now to clarify it. She is done in this world and Cara Dune won’t be walking back in through that blaster door.