Gen V Outdoes The Boys’ Craziest Scene, This Is Utter Madness

By Jason Collins | Published

gen v

Episode 4 of Gen V, a spin-off series of Amazon Prime’s The Boys, aired the other day, and we can say we’re disappointed; the new show even managed to outdo The Boys in one category we’ve never believed possible—the number of on-screen penises shows. Furthermore, Gen V also includes a penis explosion scene, and this one outright outdoes The Boys’ craziest scene ever. Gen V’s Michele Fazekas and Eric Kripke spoke to Variety about the scene.

Gen V is not a tame version of The Boys, the collegiate spin-off has already featured two prominent scenes featuring penises.

For context, Marie, the show’s protagonist, is looking for her missing roommate, Emma, who shrank herself to investigate the mysterious Woods supe program. In her attempt to learn her whereabouts, Marie gets involved with Rufus—a creepy psychic—who knocks her unconscious and tries to sexually assault her. However, she wakes up just in time and uses her blood-bending abilities to swell Rufus’ penis to an uncomfortably large size before it explodes into a bloody, wall-painting mess. A Two and a Half Men reference to Jackson Pollock now has a completely new meaning.

The only part of the “cocksplosion” we can show you

Now, those who watched The Boys might remember a scene in which Termite, a twisted and incredibly disturbed version of Marvel’s Ant-Man, becomes intimate with another hero, shrinks down to ant size, and jumps inside the other man’s penis. This wouldn’t have been the worst thing The Boys had done if Termite hadn’t sneezed while inside, rapidly expanded, and exploded the other man into bits—pun intended. So, it’s really an exploding genitalia fest within The Boys universe, and Gen V seems to be outperforming the mainline title by a wide margin.

Gen V found a way to one-up The Boys infamous Termite scene, not once, but twice.

However, it would seem that none of that is by design—at least not intentionally. In their interview, Michele Fazekas and Eric Kripke stated that they’re not intentionally trying to outdo The Boys in the number of on-screen penises show while also taking the time to dissect the exploding penis scene from Gen V. In fact, the exploding scene came straight from other women writers in the writer’s room, who have gone to college and unfortunately had unpleasant or outright traumatic experiences with young men in college.

The pilot episode of Gen V includes a scene that features no CGI, the crew built a five-foot prop penis for an instantly viral shot.

The scene wasn’t actually built around an exploding penis. As Gen V takes place at Godolkin University School of Crimefighting, the scene was built around a potentially traumatic experience in college and resulted in a rather outrageously gruesome (and funny) scene. Even Rufus’ name was intentionally connected to roofies. So, it isn’t about outdoing The Boys; it’s about balancing heavy topics with over-the-top dark humor—which the show does quite respectfully.

gen v
Gen V’s size-changing Cricket

But that’s not the end of penises in Gen V. In the pilot episode, we’ve seen Emma hooking up with Liam, shrinks down (begrudgingly), and we get to see what appears to be a giant penis—seen from Emma’s perspective. Interestingly enough, we’re not discussing CGI. Both Michele Fazekas and Eric Kripke confirmed that they have practical, five-foot penises on the set of Gen V, which are later enhanced with visual effects—apparently, it’s not the showrunners’ style to CG a penis.