The Boys Gen V Finally Introduces Batman Ripoff And He’s Perfect

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Published

Tek Knight

If you read The Boys comic books, then you’ve probably been waiting a long time for a certain character to show his face. He’s been mentioned on and off since Season 1 of the series’ television adaptation, and now he’s finally shown his face on screen. Tek Knight, Dynamite Entertainment’s spoof on Batman, has made his debut in The Boys collegiate spin-off Gen V

Tek Knight In The Boys

Portrayed by Derek Wilson, Tek Knight is an enigmatic supe who is a direct rip-off of classic comic book characters like Batman and Iron Man. He is a billionaire playboy who uses his vast wealth to fund a high-tech suit of armor that grants him various superhuman abilities. 

Like DC’s Batman, Tek Knight is also portrayed as a deeply troubled and disturbed individual. Unlike the Caped Crusader, Tek Knight has a bizarre obsession with his armor and a penchant for engaging in deviant sexual behavior while wearing it. In the comics, his character serves as a satirical take on the darker aspects of superhero mythology, highlighting the dysfunctional and morally questionable behavior that can be hidden behind the facade of a hero. 

Throughout the earlier seasons of The Boys, Tek Knight’s name was dropped in passing. Viewers learned about his morally ambiguous actions, including saving the life of a woman in Season 1 only to leave her paralyzed with a broken spine. Season 2 hinted at Tek Knight’s presence with the mention of a movie premiere, but it is in Gen V that we finally get to see him in action.

Tek Knight in Gen V

Derek Wilson as Tek Knight

In Gen V, Tek Knight is introduced as an alumnus of Godolkin University, the prestigious institution for young supes. His debut showcases him arriving on campus as the host of a true-crime series called The Whole Truth, premiering on The Boys’s in-universe streaming platform, Vought+. Armed with his extraordinarily heightened deductive powers and a reputation for employing brutal methods on his subjects, he is on a mission to manipulate the truth about Golden Boy’s suicide, pinning it on a scapegoat and keeping the truth concealed in secrets.

The television adaptation of The Boys stays true to Tek Knight’s original comic book character, even when it comes to the supe’s unorthodox sexcapades. In the show, he’s afflicted by a tumor that compels him to engage in sexual acts with just about anything that’s similar to an orifice. This little character quirk is just one more layer of dark humor added to the already twisted world of The Boys.

Eric Kripke, the creative force behind The Boys and executive producer of Gen V, reveals that bringing Tek Knight to the screen was initially a daunting task due to the character’s extravagant Iron Man-like suit. However, the show’s writers found a unique approach by reimagining Tek Knight as a hybrid of Batman and Iron Man.

The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke hasn’t confirmed if Tek Knight will be part of The Boys Season 4….but he also hasn’t denied it.

Instead of relying on an elaborate suit like Tony Stark, Tek Knight is portrayed as the world’s greatest detective. This alteration allowed the creators to explore the popular concept of true-crime shows and the inherent complexities of a vigilante hero.

After the exclusive reveal of Derek Wilson in the role of Tek Knight, Kripke teased the possibility of the character appearing in The Boys Season 4, which had wrapped filming before the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. When pressed about this potential crossover, Kripke remained coy, saying, “I shall neither confirm nor deny.” So, that means he will probably almost definitely be making an appearance.

With his twisted sense of justice and his uncontrollable desires, Tek Knight promises to be a captivating addition to the expanding universe of this critically acclaimed series. Whether he reappears in The Boys or continues to play a role in Gen V, one thing is for sure – his presence has already left a lasting impression.