Gen V Releases Fan-Favorite Behind The Scenes Footage That Everyone Loves

By Britta DeVore | Published

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You’ve certainly heard of the Snyder cut before, but has the Marie Jordan cut made it into your algorithm at all this week?

After an explosive and wildly successful first season, Prime Video’s Gen V dropped a lengthy blooper reel, showcasing all the fun and hilarity that went into creating The Boys spin-off series.

Gen V released a scene with two fan-favorite characters kissing

But, fans noticed that one part was missing, and their cries for the Marie Jordan cut have finally been answered with the show’s Twitter account sharing the smooch-filled scene between the enemies-turned-lovers. Check it out:

For anyone who has followed either Gen V or The Boys on Twitter, you’ll know that they love to give their fans inside looks into what’s to come, with plenty of teasing as well.

The marketing team first teased audiences with the Jordan and Marie kissing scene before the final episode dropped. However, when the episode was up on the streamer, it suspiciously didn’t include the kiss between Jaz Sinclair’s Marie Moreau and London Thor’s Jordan Li. 

Well, it’s finally here, and the romantic moment between the blossoming lovers is as cute and young-love as it gets. The pair stand in a hallway alongside Marie Moreau’s roommate, Emma Meyer (Lizze Broadway), while they toss over the real meaning behind being a hero (one of the main themes from Season 1 of Gen V).

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Throwing all caution to the wind, Marie grabs Jordan’s face and begins to make out with her while an awkward Emma stands off to the side unsure of what to do.

It’s a sweet moment between Marie and Jordan after the pair first met under unpleasant circumstances during Gen V’s premiere episode

It’s a sweet moment between Marie and Jordan as the pair first met under unpleasant circumstances during Gen V’s premiere episode. While they shared a mutual disgust and distrust for one another, as the story progressed, each came to a better understanding of the other, with feelings soon turning romantic.

Because Jordan is a gender-shifting Supe, Marie has silently grappled with her feelings about being with a woman and a man so this moment was a big one for the character’s arc – even though it didn’t make it into the show.

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Despite the editors of Gen V cutting this particular kiss between Marie and Jordan, there was another moment shown of the two locking lips during a party that they both had no recollection of.

While that was a good step forward in showing queer love on a popular TV show, being that they were intoxicated, it would’ve been much more appreciated for the team to have kept this very lucid moment between the pair in the final episode. 

Jaz Sinclair, London Thor, and Lizze Broadway star in Gen V

Along with Jaz Sinclair, London Thor, and Lizze Broadway, Gen V also stars Derek Luh, Chance Perdomo, Maddie Phillips, Sean Patrick Thomas, Asa Germann, Clancy Brown, Patrick Schwarzenegger, and more.

The first season also featured some very fun cameos from the familiar faces of The Boys, including Jensen Ackles, P.J. Byrne, Colby Minifie, Chace Crawford, Jessie T. Usher, and Claudia Doumit.

An immediate success, Gen V was promptly picked up for a second season on Amazon Prime Video. As we’ve learned, the title will act as a setup for Season 4 of The Boys which is expected to arrive on the streamer sometime in 2024.