See Gal Gadot As A Jason Bourne-Like Action Star In Netflix’s Heart Of Stone

By Phillip Moyer | Published

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It might seem like Gal Gadot’s acting career currently consists of doing Wonder Woman cameos in the fast-diminishing DC Universe, but the actress has plenty of other projects going on. Among these projects is the Netflix spy thriller Heart of Stone, which stars Gadot as Rachel Stone, a highly-trained agent who is working to stop a hacker who is working to steal a dangerous superweapon. Deadline has published the movie’s newly-released trailer for the movie, which shows off its mix of stunts, fights and effects-heavy action setpieces.

While an official synopsis of the upcoming spy thriller has not been released, the trailer reveals enough details to piece it together. Gal Gadot‘s character works for a shadowy non-government agency called “The Charter,” which employs specially-trained operatives to “keep peace” across the world. This totally-on-the-up-and-up organization possesses a device called “the heart” a device that has vast powers, including the ability to “crash a market or drop a plane out of the sky.” When this priceless piece of technology is stolen, things understandably go haywire.

Gal Gadot has not been shy about her hopes for Heart of Stone, stating that she wants the movie to be just the first of many movies in a long-running action franchise, comparable to James Bond, Jason Bourne, and Mission: Impossible. Gadot is reportedly doing some (but not all) of her own stunts in the film, similar to her performance in Wonder Woman 1984. Hopefully, Heart of Stone won’t be a repeat of Gal’s experience in the Wonder Woman Sequel, which left her with spinal injuries.

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This new trailer comes as Gal Gadot’s status as DC‘s Amazonian demigoddess continues to be up in the air. Despite portraying Wonder Woman in six separate movies (seven, if you consider Zack Snyder‘s Justice League to be a separate movie from the 2017 original), there has been no confirmation that Gadot will reprise the role once James Gunn reboots the entire franchise. All we do know is that Gunn currently has no plans to produce Wonder Woman 3, meaning that Gadot won’t be the star of any upcoming DC films, even if she does end up appearing in some.

Heart of Stone isn’t the only upcoming movie that Gal Gadot is part of. She will reportedly play the evil apple-poisoning queen in Disney‘s upcoming live-action remake of Snow White. The movie stars West Side Story and Shazam! Fury of the Gods actress Rachel Zegler is the titular Disney princess whose beauty draws the evil queen’s ire.

Gal Gadot is also signed on to play the powerful Egyptian queen Cleopatra in the upcoming biopic of the same name. The movie, which was announced in 2020, has not yet begun filming.

Heart of Stone is set to be released on Netflix in August 2023. The success of the film will likely determine whether Gal Gadot will get her wish of turning the movie into a long-running series of films. With sequels being made for films like Army of the Dead and Extraction, it’s clear that Netflix hopes to turn some of its movies into franchises, so Gadot might just get what she’s hoping for.