Disney Prepping Frozen Live-Action Remake, What Won’t They Remake?

By Britta DeVore | Published

Reboots and remakes have been an unavoidable part of cinema over the last decade, but Disney kicked things up a notch when the studio decided to start making live-action versions of its classic animated features. Now, according to Disney Dining, a live-action remake of the House of Mouse’s money-making favorite, Frozen, is said to be in the works. Unfortunately, rumors swirling the production have all signs pointing to another unnecessary and over-the-top reboot.

Frozen Is One Of Disney’s Biggest Moneymakers

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While the live-action version of Frozen is little more than a whisper, it would make sense for Disney to pursue this bit of IP for their next project. The studio has already done favorites like The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Pinnochio, and many more, so breathing new life into Elsa and Anna would make complete sense – especially from the standpoint of financial gain. Since its release, the original film has raked in $1.28 billion and spawned a sequel, with a third film on the way. 

Would Idina Menzel And Kristen Bell Be On Board?

But, is Disney over-saturating the market with its live-action projects? While some audiences have been enjoying seeing some of their favorite stars like Emma Watson, and Halle Bailey take on the roles of their beloved characters from childhood, it’s easy to see where things go too far with CGI and the like. And, when it comes to a Frozen live-action project, the voices of Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell are so synonymous with the film’s two sisters, could anyone else even step in to play the characters?

Disney Has More Live-Action Movies On The Way

While Frozen’s live-action adaptation may not be fully in the works yet, the studio has its hands full with a slew of other upcoming titles that take characters out of their animated element and drop them in the (semi) real world. Although news recently came that revealed the live-action Snow White would be delayed, it’s still chugging along as well as other titles including Moana, Hercules, Lilo & Stitch, Bambi, and Robin Hood. Juggling so many adaptations at once, Disney certainly has its work cut out over the next several years. 

Frozen 3 Is Also In Development

As for Frozen 3, the next animated installment in the franchise, Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed at the beginning of the year that the project was in development, although there’s a good chance that audiences won’t see it for another year or so. While plot details haven’t been released, we can expect many of the main characters to return with Idina Menzel reprising her role as Elsa, Kristen Bell coming back as Anna, and Josh Gad voicing everyone’s favorite singing snowman, Olaf. 

Other Studios Jump On The Live-Action Bandwagon

While many of Disney’s live-action features have faced criticism from audiences for one reason or another, the studio seems to have a “never back down” attitude when it comes to these specific adaptations. With other studios now jumping into the live-action game, including DreamWorks Animation with its upcoming feature, How to Train Your Dragon, Disney isn’t the only name in the live-action game anymore. As Disney continues to move forward with production after production, it seems more than likely that the announcement for a live-action Frozen is somewhere just beyond the horizon.