Foundation Season 3 Loses Its Most Important Member

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Published

foundation season 3

David S. Goyer, co-creator and showrunner of Apple TV+’s ambitious sci-fi series Foundation, is stepping down from his role as showrunner as the show gears up for its Season 3. The decision comes amid reported clashes over budget allocation for the upcoming installment.

Goyer’s Replacement

foundation season 3

Goyer, known for his work on Blade and The Dark Knight, will maintain his involvement in the series but will no longer serve as the show’s principal overseer. Instead, he will continue to contribute creatively from Los Angeles, primarily through scriptwriting duties. Bill Bost, an executive producer for Foundation, is set to assume the position of showrunner for the duration of Season 3 filming in Prague.

Delays And More Departures

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The change in leadership follows a production hiatus prompted by strikes within the Hollywood industry last summer. With filming set to resume on March 6, the rearrangement in personnel signals a significant shift in the show’s dynamics. Goyer isn’t the only person Foundation Season 3 is losing, with line producer Laurie Borg also relinquishing his role, to be succeeded by Doug Moreno.

Goyer Vs. Skydance

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According to insider sources, tensions arose between Goyer and executives at Skydance, the production company behind Foundation, regarding budgetary constraints for the forthcoming season. As streaming platforms scrutinize expenditures, particularly in the wake of industry-wide recalibrations, the financial allocations of Foundation Season 3 became a point of contention.

Bill Bost’s elevation to showrunner for Foundation Season 3 is notable given his background as the former president of Skydance’s TV division and his involvement in the series’ initial development. As Skydance’s former president, Bost may inspire more confidence in terms of keeping the series under budgetary requirements.

A Shocked Crew

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The announcement of these changes came as a surprise to the show’s crew, who were notified Saturday February 24 of the impending shakeup. Previously, it was anticipated that Goyer would continue his directorial duties for the remaining episodes of Foundation from Season 3 and beyond, having helmed three installments across the first two seasons.

Isaac Asimov’s Foundation

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Foundation, a sprawling narrative based on Isaac Asimov’s seminal science fiction novels, spans centuries and draws inspiration from Edward Gibbon’s Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. Starring Lee Pace and Jared Harris, the series has garnered attention for its lavish production values and intricate storytelling. The first two seasons are available for streaming on Apple TV+, with anticipation building for the Foundation Season 3 despite the behind-the-scenes adjustments.

An Acclaimed Sci-Fi Series

The first season of the series received favorable reviews with review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes awarding the series a 72 percent approval rating. Many critics called the series a significant sci-fi event, commending its vast scale, impressive world-building, and Lee Pace’s magnetic performance, while others disliked how much the series diverged from its literary origins. However, Foundation Season 2 was universally lauded and given a 100% approval rating, a trend that Season 3 hopefully continues despite the change in showrunner. 

Season 3’s Release

Production for Foundation Season 3 starts on March 6, but an official release date has not yet been released. Since the first half of the season was already filmed last year before the strikes, it’s possible the series could be released later this year, but more likely fans will have to wait for sometime in 2025.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter