Firefly Gifts: A Guide To Shopping For Serenity Fans

By Sofia Yang | 2 years ago

Fans of the cancelled to soon Firefly series will always wish for a second season of the sci-fi Western series from Joss Whedon. While there was a single movie called Serenity and a few comic books created in the that world, Firefly fans remain hungry for more of their famous ‘verse.

The people in the average Firefly fan’s life can’t give them the gift of more Captain Tightpants, but they can give them great Firefly themed gifts to brighten up their holiday mood. Except, since you may know nothing about the show your friend or family member loves, you may not know where to start. Sure you could just give them a really nice Leatherman, but gifts are better when they’re personal. Luckily we’re here to help, with our guide to the best Firefly gifts for fans, available right now.

A Firefly Gift For Fans Who Want To Look The Part

Firefly Jayne gift

When the series ended, fans around the world took to knitting their very own version of Jayne’s hat. Now you can gift your Firefly fan a hat that makes a statement. A hat you see someone walking down the street in and know they’re not afraid of anything (You can trust that your Firefly fan will get that reference).

Watch Jayne get his hat on Firefly

Jayne’s hat has become an icon of the show fans instantly recognize and a reference to a hilarious scene between the characters.

A Firefly Gift For A Fan Who Can’t Stop Quoting

Firefly gift art

One of the things that made Firefly so great was the language used on the show. All it takes is a brightly shouted “Shiny!” and Firefly fans start smiling at the reference. The show included numerous turns of phrase particular to those from different parts of the ‘verse and lots of swearing done in Chinese. This 11 x 17 art print shows off the beloved ship Serenity, crafted with small print that includes quotes from the show.

A Firefly Gift For A Fan Who Likes Fire

Serenity Firefly Fan Gift

This brass Serenity lighter is windproof, functional, and fits the aesthetics of the beloved show. First, the brass finish is perfect for a Firefly fan. On one side of the case is the design of the most recognizable of spaceships, Serenity. On the other side is the logo for the show and the flag for the independent Browncoats, an important group for the good guys on the show. Firefly fans will love this unique find and design that represents so much from the show in such a small space.

A Firefly Gift For A Social Fan

Does your Firefly fan also love hanging out with friends playing tabletop games? Firefly: The Game can be played as a group of two to four players, but can also be enjoyed solo (though that sounds pretty depressing). Players captain their own transport ships and face similar challenges to the crew on the show, forced to take jobs that pay and face impossible circumstances the ‘verse throws at them and find a way to overcome.

A Firefly Gift For A Fan Who Likes Bling

Leaf on the wind gift

Fans of the Serenity movie will immediately recognize the symbolism of this “leaf on the wind” pendant. The line references the critical moment of an iconic character on the Serenity crew and a scene Firefly fans are never likely to forget. The gold and silver pendant comes in a wooden antique looking box, referencing the planets on the rim often seen on the show.

Wash’s Leaf on the Wind Quote

A Low Cost Firefly Gift

Firefly keychain gift

As the name of the series suggests, the Firefly transport ship named Serenity is a major part of the show, often referred to as an additional character. So why not carry it in your pocket? QMX offers a key chain version of Serenity in incredible detail. She’s about two-and-a-half inches long and one and a half inches wide. It would be hard to find a Firefly fan who didn’t appreciate something referencing the beloved ship the crew called home and it only costs a little under seven dollars.

A Firefly Gift For Fans Full Of Christmas Spirit

Firefly christmas gift

This classic Firefly Hallmark Keepsake Ornament will have the beloved ship, Serenity, hanging from a branch on your Christmas tree. You can expect at least one comment from the fan in your life about how the ship appears to be a leaf on the wind in that tree. This ornament packs a ton of detail for the ship. It’s been painted in color so your fan can make out the details they expect to see. The ornament is battery powered so the ship will light up, similar to the way Serenity lights up before flashing through space.

A Firefly Gift For Rebellious Fans With Empty Walls

Minimalist Firefly Gift

Captain Malcolm Reynolds assembled this crew of misbehaving, independent browncoats. There is perhaps no more iconic line from this character than “I aim to misbehave.” This Firefly print comes in two different sizes and though it’s simple, it’s easily recognizable as the shiny captain who always has a plan.

Pop Vinyl Gifts For Firefly Fans

Vinyl Firefly Gifts

What fan doesn’t love to collect the Funko Pop characters from their favorite series? Funko has Vinyl versions of Malcoln Reynolds and Jayne Cobb. Mal was the captain of the Firefly transport from the show, a former rebel in the independence, current browncoat, and everyday troublemaker.

Jayne Cobb is a complicated and special character. He’s the muscle of the crew, often given some of the funniest lines, and he disagrees with Captain Mal any time he feels like it. His Funko Pop Vinyl figure has the famous hat Jayne bravely wore after his mother sent it to him. In his hands is Vera. While Jayne carried many weapons on the show, only Vera had a place in his heart.

A Firefly Gift For Fans Who Like To Roll The Dice

This Firefly version of Yahtzee is a fun and simple game that can be enjoyed by those who aren’t Firefly fans, while getting any fan excited about the ship they get to play with. This collector’s edition of the Yahtzee game has the Firefly ship, Serenity, screw apart so that players can use the ship to shake up the dice for their roll. The dice have characters on them recognizable to fans. When not being played, this game can be put on display.