See Finn Wittrock As The New Green Lantern

We don't have an official look at HBO Max's Green Lantern show yet, but this fan art of Finn Wittrock has us excited already.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

finn wittrock

If there is one major superhero who has been done dirty by Hollywood, it is most certainly Green Lantern (sorry, Jonah Hex). Despite being one of the most important superheroes in the DC Comics universe and dating all the way back to 1940 in various incarnations, there has only ever been one live-action Green Lantern movie and it stunk. This callous treatment of one-half of The Brave & The Bold hopefully will be reversed with the upcoming HBO Max Green Lantern series, in which Finn Wittrock has been cast as hot-headed Lantern Guy Gardner. While we don’t have an official look at the series yet, some fan art already has us excited. Check it out:

An Instagram user with the handle of recently posted a take on Finn Wittrock as Guy Gardner and it’s a beaut. The image is a close-up of the Green Lantern’s face a slight smile that may hint at Gardner’s trademark cocky attitude. In lieu of the traditional green domino masks that most Earthbound Green Lanterns wear, Finn Wittrock’s eyes are glowing bright green. And maybe most notably, he appears to be wearing the high-collared motorcycle jacket that Guy Gardner is most associated with. All in all, a solid take on one of the more notable Green Lanterns. 

HBO Max’s Green Lantern series has been announced to cover decades of time (and likely space), with Finn Wittrock’s Guy Gardner being only one of the emerald superheroes featured. The show will also include Jeremy Irvine as original Green Lantern Alan Scott; Tobias Menzies is also set to star in the show, but there is no confirmation on who he will be playing (though Sinestro is always a safe bet). It has also been confirmed that Green Lanterns Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz will be appearing. You also know that Kilowog is going to show up, because someone needs to train Finn Wittrock and call him a poozer. 

While Finn Wittrock as Guy Gardner covers one of the four major human Green Lanterns, it is pretty up in the air whether Hal Jordan, John Stewart, or Kyle Rayner will appear. While Hal Jordan is generally thought of as the classic Green Lantern from the Silver Age on, John Stewart was both a groundbreaking Black superhero and a fan-favorite part of the various animated shows featuring the Green Lantern Corps. Including Kyle Rayner might require a bit more legwork (what with him getting a power ring after the decimation of most of the universe’s Green Lanterns and the death of all but one of the Guardians of the Universe and all), but HBO could be looking ahead to the future for that. 

But getting any Green Lantern show at all is a pretty big step forward for fans and from the looks of the fan art of Finn Wittrock, they are ready for it. HBO Max’s Green Lantern does not yet have a scheduled release date.