Exclusive: Will Smith Signed For Aladdin 2 But He’s Not The Only Genie

Will Smith is returning to Aladdin 2 and there will be multiple genies joining him.

By James Brizuela | Updated

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It appears that every media company is wanting to get in on the multiverse plot lines in their own movies. Through our trusted and proven sources, we can report that Will Smith will be returning in Aladdin 2 as the genie, but he will also be joined by other genies who are going to be portrayed by big-name actors. We are not entirely sure how this new genie dynamic is going to work, but expect to see Smith joined by some huge talent.

The first Aladdin started with Will Smith’s genie telling his children the tale of Aladdin, though we find out at the end that the genie has been set free and is now a human with a family. We are not sure how this dynamic is going to fit into the grander story, but it could be that Will Smith’s genie giving up his powers threw off the balance of the universe in Aladdin 2 in some way, so they must seek him out and ask why he has done this. Also, maybe some bigger and more evil force tries to take over the world, and the genie cannot do anything to stop it now that he is human.

There are plenty of avenues that can be explored in the sequel, but we know that Guy Ritchie is going to be returning to direct Will Smith and Aladdin 2, so he is likely to have some grander ideas for the new story. The story of Aladdin was already altered enough that it showcased the genie falling in love, becoming human, and having a family, so it appears the source material is going to be messed with more. Honestly, we are here for it, as the live-action Disney movies need some new direction instead of just being carbon copies of their animated predecessors.

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Disney’s Aladdin

Fans seemed to love the direction that Ritchie took the first Aladdin movie, as it skyrocketed to make $1.05 billion at the worldwide box office. We are not sure if Will Smith’s return to Aladdin 2 is going to help or hurt the movie, but enough time might have passed by the time it comes out, which would lead the sequel to make huge money as well. Aladdin was one of the few live-action remakes that were highly successful, birthing some more remakes that have just fallen flat (we are looking at you, Pinocchio).

Either way, a multiverse of genies that involves Will Smith and more big-name actors in Aladdin 2 sounds quite exciting, and we can’t wait to see it. Though Guy Ritchie is in the business of making Tarantino-like crime movies, he seemed to find the right recipe for the first Aladdin, which is something we have full faith that he can replicate in the sequel. Now, we are just wondering who is going to be cast as the genies in this ambitious new Disney movie.

When more information comes out about who Will Smith will be joined by in Aladdin 2, we will be the first to let everyone know. For now, we can all start fan-casting in our minds about who we would want to see as an all-powerful and cheeky entity.