Exclusive: The Witcher Season 3 Characters Revealed

In the latest Giant Freakin Robot exclusive, we have an idea around some of the new The Witcher season 3 characters added to the cast

By Doug Norrie | Published

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the witcher season 3 characters

Though The Witcher debuted its highly-anticipated second season on Netflix just a couple of months ago, we know that in these days of streaming, it’s never too early to look ahead into the future. We can always dream about what is coming next in a franchise. That’s why it’s easy to get excited about what might be in store for new The Witcher season 3 characters. The series is actually starting to ramp up with some of next season’s production with new details trickling in. And in the latest Giant Freakin Robot exclusive from our trusted and proven source, we have an early look at who some of the new characters will be for this upcoming season. From the looks of things, there will be quite a few additions. 

With casting for The Witcher season 3 characters currently underway, it looks like a number of new additions will be made to the cast, rounding out what is already a pretty massive group. Such is the way with large-scale fantasy shows that have world-building elements. This story is anything but insular and, if anything, is only widening in its scope as it gets further and further into the plot. In addition to the series mainstays that include Henry Cavill as Geralt, Freya Allen as Ciri, and Anya Chalotra as Yennefer there are scores of others who’ve come around in the first two seasons. And according to our source, there are about to be a few more at least. 

While it’s a bit unclear just how big of a role any of these The Witcher season 3 characters will play in the next story, some could have a major impact. At least two look like they will definitely be series regulars with very large roles for this upcoming season. The first will be Picadilly, a prince and something of a socialite in this world. This character will have quite a bit of confidence, and there is a good chance he is only looking out for number one. It appears he understands the machinations of upward social mobility, something that could make him very dangerous. The other major character will be Marylebone, a female who will have a much harder edge to her overall persona. It looks like this new character will be a scrapper, someone who has all the confidence in the world but has been forged out of a shrouded past in a world that’s been anything but forgiving. 

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And after these more central The Witcher season 3 characters, there will be a number of recurring ones as well being introduced for the first time into the series. There will be Hampstead, an older woman who doesn’t appear to be the fighting type. Instead, she’s navigating the world of the Royal Court. Then there will be Greenwich, a popular soldier who has become a man of the people. And there is Parsons, a woman whose past is a mystery because she is suffering from amnesia. Though her backstory does hold secrets to the series. Others include Maida Vale who is part of a group of powerful women. She is set to fill up the screen in her scenes. And then there is Angel, a messenger to the king who has seen more than his share of atrocities along the way. 

These new The Witcher season 3 characters are set to really expand this world, diving further into the story from the popular books and video games. We can see some of this from the upcoming cast additions that will dive more into the world’s royalty and continue along those lines thanks to how the second season ended.