Exclusive: The Marvels Will Give Ms. Marvel Her Iconic Powers

In a new Giant Freakin Robot exclusive, The Marvels will end up giving Ms. Marvel her original and iconic powers not seen in the series

By Doug Norrie | Published

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There’s a lot to like with new characters being added to the MCU and this phase has already started delivering on introducing comic book stories to the big and small screen. With Ms. Marvel, we are finally getting the origin story of Kamala Khan and how she became the titular character. And while the first trailer for the series looked like it pretty much delivered on the ideas in and around the original story, fans couldn’t help but notice a major difference in the character’s powers. Well, the latest Giant Freakin Robot exclusive from our trusted and proven source has it that Marvel understands that they might have erred in this way and are going to work to make the necessary changes when we see the character in The Marvels movie. It looks like we are going to get a full retcon there. 

From this scoop, it would appear that the shift in powers for Ms. Marvel to be more in line with the comic book would be in direct reaction to feedback from fans after they saw the trailer for the series. Apparently, Marvel is willing to backtrack a bit here and reestablish some of what makes the character so cool on the comic book pages. This would be rather than trying to align Khan’s power more within the scope of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or even to Carol Danvers’ Captain Marvel. We should see the change in The Marvels. 

See, in the comic books, Ms. Marvel’s powers look decidedly different than what we caught on screen in the trailer for the Disney+ series. On the comic book pages, she is a part of the Inhuman story arc that comes about after the Terrigen Mist gets to Earth and unlocks powers for people who had those requisite cells. That leads to Kamala being imbued with the power to essentially shapeshift her body, elongating her limbs if need be, making herself minuscule or even flat, growing to a massive size to increase power, or super-size her fists to pack a massive punch. It’s a real package of powers, none of which we saw in the Ms. Marvel trailer. The Marvels will correct that. 

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That’s because it looks like the original plan for the character in the confines of the MCU was to give Ms. Marvel powers around energy fields, similar to what we’ve seen with Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers. Whether this was to align with that character more because we know they are going to meet in The Marvels or if from a special effects standpoint it was just easier isn’t quite known. Regardless, in the trailer, we see that her power looks like it comes from a bracelet she wears and she can produce energy fields and blasts as part of her superhero skillset. 

From the response and backlash to these changes, it looks like Marvel is going to do an about-face when it comes to Kamala Khan showing up in The Marvels. Whether they explain the change as part of the story, or just make it wholesale without a reason isn’t quite clear. Either way, when we next see Ms. Marvel she should have all of the cool ways to change her shape and form that we saw in the comic books. It would be a welcome move, much more in line with the comic books. If Marvel made this shift it would show that they recognize mistakes when they happen and are willing to shift when needed.