Ms. Marvel Details Leaked, Brie Larson’s Appearance Revealed?

By Michileen Martin | 3 months ago

ms marvel logo

Disney+’s Ms Marvel is scheduled to premiere on the streaming service this year and we still don’t know a lot of the particulars. We know Iman Vellani will play the titular hero and that she will reprise the role next year in The Marvels, and that’s about it. Well, a new supposed leak suggests a number of details, including a possible guest appearance by Brie Larson as Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel, as well as a premiere date.

Twitter user Shruti Rao posted what are supposedly screenshots from TV Time listing the episode titles for Ms Marvel as well as a premiere date of Friday, May 13. The title that has fans wondering about a possible Captain Marvel appearance is the one for Episode 3: “The Woman I Look Up To.” It seems likely this is at least in part a reference to Carol Danvers, whose heroism as Captain Marvel inspires Khan even before she gets her powers. You can see the tweet below.

There are plenty of good reasons to guess that Brie Larson would make an appearance in Ms Marvel. On one hand, since we know Kamala Khan will team up with Danvers and Monica Rambeau in next year’s The Marvels, and having Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel meet in the Disney+ series would do away with the need to explain how they met in the film. On the other hand, even if Khan and Danvers don’t meet face-to-face in Ms Marvel, as Khan’s idol it would make sense for her to appear even if it’s just in footage that the younger hero is watching.

The episode 3 title isn’t the only one fans are taking notice of. There’s the premiere’s title, “Kamala Khan: Embiggen!” which uses the word the superhero popularized in describing her own, unique shapeshifting powers. Then there’s episode 2, “Lockin’ Jaws.” On one hand, there’s probably a weirdly romantic reference here. On the other, it would seem odd if this wasn’t in part a reference to Marvel’s most famous dog — the Inhuman Lockjaw. This is particularly significant for Kamala Khan since in the comics her powers come from an Inhuman heritage she isn’t initially aware of. With ABC’s Inhumans proving to be arguably the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first huge failure, many have assumed Ms. Marvel’s origin would be divorced from the Inhumans for the adaptation. With Lockjaw being referenced, perhaps that isn’t the case.

There are two pretty significant things to notice in the supposed leak in terms of Disney+’s release strategy; again, assuming this is a leak and not a fabrication. The posted photo puts the premiere date for Ms Marvel on May 13, which is a Friday. With The Mandalorian and WandaVision, Disney+ released each episode on Fridays, but ever since Loki, the streamer has released all of its new, original Marvel and Star Wars content on Wednesdays. This could mean either it’s shifting back to Fridays, or Disney+ has decided to be a bit more fluid about its releases.

Then there’s the tweet (seen above) that Shruti Rao was retweeting when she posted the supposed Ms Marvel episode list. This earlier tweet claims that She-Hulk will premiere on Friday, June 10. If we assume that both of these leaks are genuine, then it means that the penultimate episode of Ms Marvel‘s first season and the premiere episode of She-Hulk will stream on the same day, as will the season finale of Ms Marvel and episode 2 of She-Hulk. Until now, Disney+ has shaped its scheduling to make sure none of its Marvel or Star Wars series are releasing new episodes concurrently. Could they be changing that for a reason unique to these shows? Will Ms Marvel and She-Hulk cross over with one another?