Exclusive: Squid Game Movie In Development

Now, Giant Freakin Robot has exclusively learned from one of our trusted and proven inside sources that a Squid Game movie is in development for Netflix.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Audiences want to see more Squid Game. The surprise Netflix hit became a global sensation in 2021, quickly achieving the title of the streaming service’s most-watched series ever. Series creator Hwang Dong-hyuk has said that he’s currently in talks with Netflix on what the future will hold, with their eyes on future seasons of the series. Now, Giant Freakin Robot has exclusively learned from one of our trusted and proven inside sources that a Squid Game movie is in development for Netflix.

Our source was able to share that the Squid Game movie in development is being planned as an animated project. They were unable to share what the story for the movie will be. It seems likely that the movie will still be a story meant for adults and join many of Netflix’s adult-oriented animated programs. It’s unknown if the story will focus on some of the same characters seen in season one of the Netflix series, or tell more stories of deadly events elsewhere in the world. Could it be an origin story behind the creators of the games?

The best bet seems to be a story set in the same universe with new characters. The series creator has already shared that he wants to see season two of the show continue on with the story of the surviving characters from the first season, so using the Squid Game movie to introduce new characters in a new setting makes a lot of sense.

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It’s easy to see how Squid Game could make a great animated movie. The series was known for its bright visual effects. The competition uses simple children’s games, focuses on character development, and sets a specific visual tone with bright and specific colors.

Since Squid Game season one was a violent survival story, it seems unlikely that the animated Squid Game movie will be for children, despite the fact that the series has gained some popularity with younger audiences. The show made headlines for a lot of reasons in 2021. This was mostly due to its huge success. Some headlines focused on the show being banned at schools, in fear of children recreating the violent show.

Outside of the story itself, another big question around the Squid Game movie is how involved Hwang Dong-hyuk will be in the animated project. The filmmaker has several movies under his belt. However, the show took him ten years to create. It was originally written as a movie. He was told by studios back in 2008 that his ideas were “too unrealistic” and too “gruesome”. When he reworked them into a series ten years later, the show was praised as being realistic, which for him, showed how much the world had changed.

While a lot of what slowed him down was getting a studio to believe in Squid Game, his creative process is one that takes a lot of time. It’s unknown how he’ll be handling future seasons of the Netflix series, possible spinoff projects, and now this animated movie. For something that seems like such a passion project, he may want to be heavily involved. Hopefully, he’ll find a team that he trusts to work with so that future seasons of Squid Game, and the new movie, will be released on Netflix soon.