Squid Game Creator Already In Talks For Season 3

By Apeksha Bagchi | 7 seconds ago

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Ever since the hit Korean series, Squid Game, debuted on Netflix, its status as an outright sensation has made headlines. The series surpassed the popularity of Bridgerton, became the most-watched series on the streamer, garnered worldwide critical acclaim, won the prestigious Gotham Award, and is also up in the Best Television Series (Drama) category in the upcoming 79th Golden Globe Awards. Thus it was only natural for fans of the show to hope for a Season 2. But while we have been biting our nails in anticipation of an official announcement confirming the next season of Squid Game, its creator is already busy planning a Season 3 with Netflix!

Recently, Squid Game’s creator Hwang Dong-hyuk, who also wrote and directed the series, sat down for an online interview with Korean broadcaster KBS (via The Korea Times). During the chat, he revealed that currently, he is in talks with Netflix about the show’s future that will not only include Season 2 but also Season 3. “I’m in talks with Netflix over season 2 as well as season 3. We will come to a conclusion any time soon,” he assured audiences. 

Previously, the Squid Game director had been oscillating between confirming Season 2 and sowing doubt about its potential future. In a chat with Variety, Dong-hyuk had clarified that while he is ecstatic about the positive response the Netflix series has received, even the idea of continuing its story and making a Season 2 is “tiring” for him. But later, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Dong-hyuk shared that while the open-ended conclusion with which Season 1 ended can be considered a “good closure” for the story, he certainly has plans for more. 

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At the time, Dong-hyuk assured that if Netflix greenlit Squid Game Season 2, he has a long list of potential storylines that he wants to explore. Apart from following up on the story of Seong Gi-hun and how he plans on putting an end to the games for good, Season 2 could also focus on the police officer and his brother, the Front Man, the backstory of the recruiter who brought in Gi-hun as a participant for the game, etc. 

Squid Game tells the story of Seong Gi-hun, a divorced father and a habitual gambler, who is invited to play a series of childish games and take home $38.9 million in cash if he wins. He soon discovers that all the 456 participants in the game are like him–drowning in multiple debts–and that the games may be childish but failing them means certain death for a participant. The next season of the series will continue the story of Gi-hun, who came out as the winner. 

The Squid Game finale saw him discovering that the games, which he tried to end so desperately after it killed countless people, are continuing and players like him are still being recruited. He decides to not board the plane that would take him to his daughter in Los Angeles and silently vows to find out who is running the deadly games. With Season 2 and 3 almost confirmed (fingers crossed!), now would be the time to binge the thrilling show in case you haven’t watched it already.