Exclusive: Rachel Weisz Returning For Mummy Reboot

By James Brizuela | Updated

rachel weisz the mummy

The Mummy reboot is starting to take even more shape, as we reported that the Batgirl directors (Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah) would be helming the new movie. Also, we reported that Dwayne Johnson would be returning as well, though we are not sure if he is going to come back as the Scorpion King. Now, through our trusted and proven sources, we can report that Rachel Weisz is also returning for The Mummy reboot.

Though there has not yet been any news about Brendan Fraser, with Rachel Weisz now signing on to return for The Mummy reboot, we are going to bet that the entire O’Connell family is going to be reunited for another whirlwind action/adventure where someone digs up something they shouldn’t have. There are a ton of reboots that have happened since The Mummy was released in the late 1990s, including a reboot of The Mummy, which starred Tom Cruise and flopped at the box office. However, the Cruise-led feature was missing the same charm that its predecessors had.

Brendan Fraser, along with the rest of the cast, are all much older now. However, it could be that Rachel Weisz returning to The Mummy means we are going to get more of a sequel than a traditional reboot. Think of what happened with Blade Runner 2049. The movie was a sequel and kind of a reboot altogether, but still had plenty of the great elements from the classic movie. We would hope that would be the plan for this upcoming reboot.

brendan fraser rachel weisz

Brendan Fraser also stated that he would be interested in another “transformation” movie, as he recently took on the role of a 600-pound man in The Whale. He could train really hard to look like the Rick O’Connell from the late 1990s but hopefully, he leaves the stunts to other people, so we won’t have to be without Fraser movies for years again. It would be great to see Rachel Weisz and Fraser back together for The Mummy.

Rachel Weisz, Dwayne Johnson, and Brendan Fraser returning to the world of The Mummy could mean that we are going to see the return of Imhotep (portrayed by Arnold Vosloo). This is just speculation, but Imhotep was a fantastic villain and mummy, and one that would be certainly welcomed by fans of the series. Granted, he was not the villain in the third movie, but should this be a full reboot, then it would be great if he was brought back from the dead again.

Our exclusives about The Mummy reboot are starting to pour out, but we are not sure when production on this highly anticipated adventure is going to be taking place. We would assume that once the casting announcements have been made official, then the date of production would likely be somewhere in the spring range of 2023. That could mean we are going to see Brenda Fraser, Dwayne Johnson, and Rachel Weisz return for The Mummy reboot in the summer of 2024.