Exclusive: Felicity Jones In Talks To Return As Jyn Erso

In the latest Giant Freakin Robot exclusive, we have it that Felicity Jones is in talks to the return to the Star Wars franchise as Jyn Erso

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These days, just because a character died in a particular franchise of films doesn’t mean they are lost forever. There seem to be nearly infinite avenues to get him/ her back into the mix with all that heavy a lift. Time travel, the multiverse, or prequels are all ways the bigger studios have been able to retain top talent in major roles while also showing their demise along the way. And it looks like we are going to have another example of that. Giant Freakin Robot has the exclusive from our trusted and proven source that Felicity Jones is in talks to return to the Star Wars franchise as Jyn Erso. It’s an exciting development that could point to more cool projects in this galaxy far away. 

The specifics around Felicity Jones returning as Jyn Erso aren’t quite hashed out yet. Namely, it’s unknown exactly what project she’d be jumping into when it’s all said and done. Considering the epic growth mode the Star Wars franchise is in right now, there would seem to be multiple opportunities to get her back on up screen, but the exact project isn’t there just yet. We can eliminate a number of possibilities based on Erso’s known timeline though, narrowing it down at least around the ones where she’s unlikely to appear. 

We know that Felicity Jones as Jyn Erso ended up dying at the end of Rogue One when the planet Scarif was flooded after a strike from the Death Star. The story was a new one in the Star Wars universe, offering a significantly different tone from the rest of the franchise at the time. But the story was a useful one in filling in gaps around bigger events in the franchise. It told the story of the small group of rebels who ultimately end up taking down the Death Star. They are the ones who are able to steal the Death Star schematics, a key plot point in how the original Star Wars movie, Episode IV: A New Hope unfolds. 

With this in mind, any new project for Felicity Jones in the Star Wars franchise would have to happen before that movie in the timeline since we know Jyn didn’t survive. One possibility would be the prequel to Rogue One that was recently announced. It will have Diego Luna reprising his role as Cassian Andor. There’s a chance they overlap some of Jyn Erso’s story in here, which would at least make sense from a timing standpoint. The Disney+ series will bring back Alan Tudyk as well, meaning we could be looking at something like a Rogue One reunion in this one. 

In all, we will have to wait for more news on where Felicity Jones will once again land in the Star Wars franchise. But with the latter seeming to grow its stories exponentially these days, there are always chances to get familiar faces back in their previous roles even if they aren’t around anymore in the most updated timelines. Time will tell how this will unfold. 

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