Elliot Page Being Considered To Replace Ezra Miller As The Flash

Elliot Page was rumored to be in line to replace Ezra Miller as The Flash, and now that rumor has received more validity from insiders at Warner Bros. Discovery.

By James Brizuela | Published

elliot page
Elliot Page on Apple TV+’s The Oprah Conversation Credit: Apple TV+

Since the crazy downfall of Ezra Miller, Warner Bros. Discovery has found itself in a precarious situation. Miller was meant to appear as The Flash in the upcoming film in 2023, but their most recent troubling issues could lead to the film becoming a major flop in movie theaters. Now, the media company must decide if they are going to recast the role and basically reshoot the entire film. That would cost a huge amount of money, but the hope would be whoever they cast as The Flash would help to catapult the new movie to a level where the studio would at least break even on their investment. Enter: Elliot Page. Fans have been clamoring for Page to be called upon to replace Miller, and there are insiders claiming that Warner Bros. Discovery is highly considering Page for the role.

The decision to go with a movie star over Grant Gustin might upset a lot of people, as the man has rightfully earned at least an audition after portraying The Flash for eight seasons on the CW. However, Elliot Page has much more experience in terms of blockbuster films, the same as Ezra Miller. Page is an Academy Award nominee for his role in Juno, and he also appeared in two X-Men films. That is not to mention that the man is currently one of the stars of the comic-adapted series, The Umbrella Academy. Page has become one of the most celebrated actors, and The Flash film would certainly garner more positive traction if he was cast in the titular role.

As it stands, Warner Bros. Discovery will have to gamble on something soon before the film is buried under all the negative publicity that it has received in the past three months. Ezra Miller being replaced by Elliot Page might just save The Flash. The film needs to be surrounded by more positivity, especially after the most recent allegations against Miller. They had been accused of grooming, especially after the parents of Takota Iron Eyes claimed that Miller was using violence, intimidation, the threat of violence, fear, paranoia, delusions, and drugs to hold sway over their child. Miller then disappeared and was allegedly on a farm with firearms and many small children. There have been conflicting reports of the latter allegation, so it may not be true. Still, Miller has been wrapped up in too many incidents and clearly needs to seek help.

For now, Elliot Page sounds like the front runner to replace Ezra Miller, and we would happily accept that. Page is a celebrated actor who continues to garner great roles and put everything into those roles. The Flash is meant to be the cornerstone of the DC multiverse and is bringing back Michael Keaton as Batman. This legendary role reprisal should be met with plenty of success, and not battered down by its lead actor’s issues. Hopefully, something can be worked out.

The Flash is supposed to release on June 23, 2023. However, Elliot Page replacing Ezra Miller would need to happen in the next few months for the film to somewhat stay on the same release track. Warner Bros. Discovery had better make a decision, and quick.