Ezra Miller: Do Disturbing Allegations Mean The Flash Could Be Canceled?

Ezra Miller was arrested and accused of assault, but The Flash is still releasing in theaters on June 23, 2023

By Doug Norrie | Published

Ezra Miller’s star was on the rise in such a big way, having taken over as one of the most popular superheroes in one of the biggest movie franchises out there for DC. Everything looked poised for them to be one of the true action and comic book stars of our time.

But recent allegations and a string of disturbing incidents have begun to call that future into doubt. In fact, Ezra Miller might even be on the outs in Hollywood while also running afoul of the law. Let’s take a look at Ezra Miller’s career, what got them to this point, and what’s been happening with them recently. It’s a winding path for the actor. 


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Ezra Miller has had a number of disturbing incidents over the years, some of which we will detail shortly, which called into question whether The Flash would still see the light of day in theaters. Or could Miller be recast?

The plans seem to stick to the course of releasing the film considering it’s already been shot and the studio has dumped more than $200 million into the production. Reversing course now wouldn’t really be all that viable. It has to hit the big screen at some point.

But don’t expect to see Ezra Miller anywhere near the promotion of the film, or to ever see them again as The Flash for DC. It seems that the studio is cutting its ties with Miller going forward and they won’t continue on as the character.

This comes out of reporting from Geekosity though it’s pretty easy to see coming. Considering all of the allegations, revelations, and negative publicity, it would seem weird to continue with Ezra Miller in the role of a superhero.

We are sure to hear more about this situation especially as the lead-up to The Flash happens next year. Until then, here’s to hoping there are no further Ezra Miller incidents.  

And there have been reports that Ezra Miller was still working on reshooting scenes for the movie over the course of the past summer. Plus, early screenings of the film have been overwhelmingly positive.

All of these questions stemmed from a number of different allegations and incidents having to do with Ezra Miller.


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Dating back to 2020, Ezra Miller was accused of choking a woman in Iceland. A video surfaced later about the incident and patrons of the bar confirmed that it was Miller involved. In a detailed account of behavior while in Iceland, Variety reported on a number of different incidents involving them while in the city.

These included incidents with other bar patrons that turned physical. Then there was a choking incident in which the victim recently spoke out. A video surfaced in which Miller is seen gabbing the anonymous woman by the neck. No charges were pressed at the time regarding the incident.

Then, a few months ago Ezra Miller was arrested for an incident that happened in a Hawaiian bar. Apparently, Miller allegedly tried to get the microphone away from a woman who was singing karaoke at the time. When they weren’t able to get the mic, they moved on to have an altercation with a person playing darts. Eventually, they were taken into custody by police and ultimately released. 

Within a day or so of that incident, there was another claim by a couple with whom Ezra Miller had been staying with on the island. This couple’s house was in Hilo and apparently, Ezra Miller returned to the home and threatened their life and said they would steal their licenses, bank cards, and other personal information in an effort to keep them in place.

The couple ultimately filed a restraining order against Ezra Miller. That couple did end up pulling back their restraining order, though it wasn’t made exactly clear why they made the decision. 


Even after all of these allegations against Ezra Miller, even more information and issues have cropped up around the actor. There was a filing by the parents of 18-year-old Takota Iron Eyes who’ve claimed that Miller was grooming their daughter from a young age.

Among the disturbing allegations, obtained by TMZ, were that Miller used “violence, intimidation, threat of violence, fear, paranoia, delusions, and drugs to hold sway” over their child. This apparently started taking place around 2016 and continued on for years. 

And apparently, when the local authorities tried to locate Ezra Miller in order to serve them papers around the allegations, they were not able to locate the actor. Around this time, Ezra Miller also deleted their social media accounts, before possibly taunting authorities about their whereabouts. 

Then a report came out from Rolling Stone saying that Ezra Miller, while on their farm in Vermont was in possession of firearms around younger children who were staying there. The mother of the children who are apparently staying at the property has said that Miller was helping them stay safe there so there could be conflicting reports about what exactly is going on.


Continuing in the string of incidents for Ezra Miller was something else that happened in Vermont when they were charged with burglary. Apparently, Ezra Miller entered someone’s residence took bottles of alcohol before leaving. They were issued a warrant and will have a court date this fall.

In the wake of this incident, it was reported that Ezra Miller would enter mental health treatment, something that Warner Bros had been pushing for over some time for the actor.

Before all of this, Ezra Miller has had a interesting go of it in Hollywood.


While it might seem like they’ve been around forever, having starred in a number of critically-acclaimed and popular movies already, Ezra Miller is only 29 years old. They were born in 1992 in New Jersey and even at an early age had a performer gene that shown through. Apparently, they began opera singing in their younger years, in part to overcome a speech impediment.

The first big break for Ezra Miller came when they starred in Afterschool, a movie about a young man at a boarding school who accidentally films the deaths of two other students. This leads him to a romantic relationship with another student who also happened to film the incident.

The movie was well-received on a critical level and Ezra Miller was particularly praised for their efforts in the film. For a first-timer, it was clear the actor had significant chops in this area with a career that was likely to pick up steam.


One of the biggest breaks for Ezra Miller was starring in We Need to Talk About Kevin. In the movie, Miller plays the titular Kevin, a sadistic, troubled, and maybe downright evil kid who constantly manipulates his mother, played by Tilda Swinton.

In the movie, Kevin is able to run through a string of violent incidents, though is rarely blamed because he’s able to pass things off as accidents, though his mother suspects there is something much bigger going on. Ultimately, things come to a head when he is convicted of murdering his classmates, an act that appears senseless and driven by a psychological break. The film, even for its dark and disturbing nature, earned critical praise. 


Another breakout performance for Ezra Miller was in Perks of Being a Wallflower, the film adaptation of the popular novel. The flick follows a small group of high school students as they navigate the pitfalls of the time period while also coming to grips with their own angst and sexuality.

Miller had a phenomenal performance as Charlie who is gay and dating the high school football quarterback. The three leads of Ezra Miller, Logan Lerman, and Emma Watson carry the coming-of-age film that explores a difficult time in growing up, those formative teenage years when nothing really makes sense.


ezra miller fantastic beasts

When it comes to the life cycle of a Hollywood career, getting on board for the first major movie franchise, a potential blockbuster is always a massive moment. And for Ezra Miller, that came in the form of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

The prequel to the Harry Potter stories, Fantastic Beasts tells the story of Newt Scamander and his trip to New York City to explore the wizarding world there in the 1920s. In the movie, Ezra Miller plays Credence Barebone, a character who definitely isn’t what he seems to start.

This character has more a We Need to Talk About Kevin vibe than what they did in Perks of Being a Wallflower and once again signaled that Miller could play a darker type of character, evil almost throughout.

Ezra Miller has gone on to reprise the role in The Crimes of Grindewald and The Secrets of Dumbledore, the latter of which hit screens in April of this year. While these have been hits, relatively speaking, it’s a bit unclear about the future of the franchise.

Ezra Miller’s character is technically still alive though one has to wonder, based on some of the controversy, whether they will actually return for another film, if there is one. The original plan was for five Fantastic Beasts movies in total. 


the flash

Though Fantastic Beasts was a major career breakthrough for Ezra Miller, the next high water mark came when they joined the DC Cinematic Universe. That was in Batman v Superman: The Dawn of Justice when they briefly appeared as Barry Allen/ The Flash.

But the real move came in Justice League when Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne tracks down Barry as part of the initiative to create the titular group in the hopes of protecting the world/ ultimately bringing Superman back from the dead.

From an acting and portrayal perspective. Ezra Miller was clearly one of the major wins for the DC franchise. Their take on Allen/ the Flash brought a ton of comedic upside with Miller offering an almost frenetic and very teenage take on the character.

The comedic timing was perfect and their levity in the face of danger helped a flick that mostly struggled overall. The Zack Snyder cut expanded some of the Barry Allen storylines and the movie was aided in getting more screen time for Ezra Miller in general.


ezra miller the flash

On the heels of Justice League, it appeared the DC Cinematic Universe was ready for something of a reset with this group of characters and it sure looked like Ezra Miller was going to lead the way in this respect. The Flash movie was underway with the apparent plan to adapt the Flashpoint storyline in which Barry Allen tries to stop the death of his mother.

But in speeding through time, it looks like the character actually speeds into DC’s version of the Multiverse. This is going to lead to a number of high-profile inclusions of notable DC characters. Ben Affleck is set to reprise his Bruce Wayne/ Batman role, but Michael Keaton is also coming back as the character from the original Tim Burton movies.

And on top of that, Sasha Calle is set to take on the role of Supergirl in this universe. There are rumors that this version of the character will be significantly different than some other Kryptonians we’ve seen.

But is The Flash in trouble? The tentative release date is June 23, 2023, so we are looking at next summer. That being said, Ezra Miller has faced significant legal trouble in recent months with a rash of disturbing claims and negative publicity that have folks wondering if DC and Warner Bros will actually be committed to following through with the movie.

It sure looks like it is still on track from Warner Bros, but there is still significant time before the release and Ezra Miller’s last couple of years have been rough.