Ezra Miller Is Being Dumped As The Flash

Well they had a very bizarre run!

By Britta DeVore | Published

ezra miller

Ever the optimists, Warner Bros. Discovery is hoping for the best when it comes to their The Flash star, Ezra Miller. The actor who has portrayed the Justice League superhero in franchise films over the last several years, has been getting themselves into hot water and has been an even hotter topic of conversations surrounding the upcoming film. While the studio plan to push forward with the now $200 million feature, according to Geekosity, they’ve also decided to hold Miller accountable for their actions and fire them from any upcoming DC projects and bar them from attending the movie’s approaching press circuit. They’re also certain that the young star will seek help for their recent violent behavior, but with the way things are going, that part is very much up in the air. 

Just when it seems like Ezra Miller has learned from their behavior and turned inward, another accusation of improper conduct came forward. This latest claim comes from a German woman and longtime friend of the actor who alleges that she was scared for her safety after Miller had an explosive episode of anger. The alleged confrontation happened inside her home in the midst of what was otherwise a relaxing night for the duo. The friend claims that when Miller asked if they could light a cigarette and smoke inside, she said no, adding that the actor could step outside for their smoke break. Not appreciating the answer, the woman alleges that Miller launched into a bout of anger, leaving tobacco leaves strewn about her home. 

And this was just the latest in what’s been a steady stream of allegations made against the DC superstar. Ezra Miller has been at the center of counts of drug possession, disorderly conduct, assault allegations, and was even slapped with a restraining order after a couple in Hawaii claimed that the actor broke into their hostel bedroom, stole their passports, wallets, and made verbal threats against them. While all of this behavior sounds off the charts, it’s been happening for months and months, something that Warner Bros. has finally recognized.

It all comes down to the money for the studio as the options include recasting Ezra Miller and reshooting all their scenes in a film that’s title is literally the name of their superhero, or moving forward and hoping for the best. Those railing against the involvement of Miller have called on the studio to release the film onto HBO Max instead of theatrically, something that was considered, but again would be a big hit for the studio’s wallet. With huge names like Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton involved, production is assuming fans will still flock to theaters even if there is an alleged assaulter among their ranks.

At the end of the day, while removal from the franchise and hope for a better future is a lovely outlook, Warner Bros. could be doing a little bit more to help Ezra Miller. Both the safety of others and themselves hinges on the actor seeking help, something that should really be the main focus of the hubbub surrounding The Flash and its leading character. But, Hollywood is Hollywood and at least we’ll have our big budget action flick no matter the detriment to Miller’s mental health and the physical well-being of those surrounding them.