Dwayne Johnson Shares Video From Final Week Of Black Adam Production

Dwayne Johnson posted a video on Instagram to celebrate the final week of filming for Black Adam. It wasn't the content you might expect.

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Dwayne Johnson will soon be making his debut as a superhero in the DC Extended Universe and it’s set to be an event when the flick actually hits the big screen next summer. They are currently filming Black Adam, though it looks like production is set to wrap up this week. Johnson took to Instagram to celebrate the achievement in what he admits was a tremendous amount of hard work from the cast and crew. It’s not exactly the kind of Dwayne Johnson celebratory post you’d expect to see on such a big occasion, but it was purposeful for sure. 

The Instagram post by Dwayne Johnson celebrating the final week of Black Adam filming is a simple video of the actor and superstar’s breakfast. While a meal post wouldn’t be the first thing you’d think of when considering the likely massive scale of this film, Johnson had a reason for choosing this as the video leading up to the final week. Check out what Dwayne Johnson posted on Instagram on July 4th:

For Dwayne Johnson, it looks like he sees his breakfast as representative of all he and the cast and crew of Black Adam have worked for over the last couple of years. He mentions how important the diet was for him to stick to, a part of the plan to make sure he completely looked the part of the titular character. He describes the breakfast of eggs, brown rice, and blueberries with very specific dietary considerations to make it optimal for what he’s trying to go for in terms of health and conditioning.

One of the reasons, among many, that Dwayne Johnson is so successful, is it doesn’t seem like he misses many details. The dude appears fully engaged on all levels with the goal of making something (a movie, himself) the best possible version for everyone. So even though, as he says, the breakfast doesn’t look like much, it ends up meaning a lot. Dwayne Johnson goes on to talk about the discipline and focus it takes to complete a production like Black Adam and even though some parts aren’t the most enjoyable (shovel it all in and drink it all down) they are necessary to get the best product possible. 

It looks like Dwayne Johnson will enter the DC Extended Universe as something of an antihero to start with Black Adam a much darker character than most who’ve headlined this franchise’s movies. But it looks like this film will deal with him coming over to the side of good and likely helping to form the Justice Society of America in the process. Also joining Dwayne Johnson in the cast are Pierce Brosnan as Doctor Fate, Aldis Hodge as Hawkman, and Quintessa Swindle as Cyclone, among others.

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With Dwayne Johnson and company wrapping up filming this week, it looks like they are still on the right release timeline. Black Adam is set to hit theaters on July 29, 2022 and will surely be a blockbuster of epic proportions. Part of that will be because of the time, care, energy Dwayne Johnson puts into his work and this Instagram post is just more evidence.