Dwayne Johnson Explains Why He’ll Never Forgive His NFL Rival

Dwayne Johnson was recently interviewed about Young Rock and how he will never forgive his NFL rival from his time on a CFL team.

By James Brizuela | Published

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Young Rock is a hit series on NBC that follows the young life of star Dwayne Johnson. Through four phases of his life, as a future presidential candidate, as a child, as a teenager, and as a young adult ready to tackle life. Pun intended. The newest season of the show focuses on the time in which Johson is thrust into his football life at Miami. He had deep dreams to make it all the way to the NFL, but those were crushed, leading the man into professional wrestling. While he had declared for the NFL draft, no NFL team would take him, leaving his only option as a CFL (Canadian Football League) team called the Calgary Stampeders. Based on a cocky interview given by Johson, he immediately became an enemy of legendary NFL quarterback, Doug Flutie.

Dwayne Johnson spoke about this period of his life in an interview, where he detailed why he became and would remain an enemy of Doug Flutie. He also spoke on why he never wanted to make friends with the quarterback. Johnson discussed the fact that he was interviewed when he was first drafted onto the Stampeders. According to him, “In my first interview, I was asked, ‘What’s your goal for the season?’ And I said, ‘The goal is to go 18-0 and to win the Grey Cup.’ When that came out, it was like this rookie is a loudmouth; he’s boastful, cocky. I got a good talking to by the veteran players and learned a lesson very quickly.” The whole ordeal led to Flutie chastising Johnson which is something portrayed in the Young Rock show. This was further expanded on based on Johson’s character not speaking to Flutie in the show. He added, “But when he was with Boston College, he threw that Hail Mary against my (Miami) team. So was I a fan? In two words: Hell, no! We didn’t know each other that well, and after my ’18-0′ headline, we didn’t talk much.”

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Doug Flutie was at Boston College while Dwayne Johnson played for Miami six years later. During Flutie’s 1984 season, both teams were engaged in the Orange Bowl. During the final seconds of the game, Flutie would throw a Hail Mary, which is a long pass that usually has a very low success rate, resulting in a game-winning touchdown. The end was a bitter loss for Miami, Johnson’s Alma Mater. Though the moment became one of the most memorable moments in sports history, it’s a painful reminder of a loss that can never be recovered. Based on that loss and the reminder of what Flutie did to his college, it seems that Johnson would never be a man of the quarterback which led his CFL team.

With Dwayne Johnson going on to have his own stellar career, it appears as if the bad blood still remains. However, now Johnson has purchased the XFL, which is another off-brand professional football league. The man was also on the field for Super Bowl 56, where he introduced both teams. It may not have been the way in which he wanted to end up at the highest professional football championship, but he still achieved his dreams of stepping on that field. Now he has a chance to bring his own football league into a higher standing, something previous owner Vince McMahon could not achieve. Young Rock is an autobiographical look into Johnson’s life as he went from being broke to one of the most important figures in sports. He would then become one of, if not the biggest, movie stars on the planet. Guess things worked out for the man after all. Dream big people.