Sean Astin Cast As The Villain In Dwayne Johnson Project

Sean Astin being cast as the fictional Dwayne Johnson’s nemesis will be very fun to see come to life on the screen.

By Jacqueline Lindenberg | Published

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Young Rock is an American sitcom starring Dwayne Johnson, and will soon air its second season. The series revolves around telling both a fictionalized and true story of the life of Dwayne Johnson, also known by the name, “The Rock.” As the premiere of the second season nears, more details are being released to fans. Sean Astin will play the role of Dwayne Johnson’s childhood bully, who will have a big part in the series. Let’s take a closer look at the series and Astin’s new character. 

Sean Astin will have a rather large role in the second season of Young Rock. Astin’s character has been a nemesis to the fictional version of Dwayne Johnson since childhood, and now as adults, he will try to sabotage Johnson’s current goal to run for President of the United States. According to The Wrap, the character will appear in The Rock’s life before the big election day in 2032, with claims that Johnson tried to kill him. Johnson is running for president in the show, and with allegations such as murder, of course that could lead to a multitude of problems for Johnson. 

According to Variety, Sean Astin’s character is named Dr. Julian Echo, and has a job as a chiropractor. The second season will continue the story from the first season, and will introduce some new characters, such as Dr. Echo. Sean Astin has a long list of projects under his belt, so taking on a role next to The Rock should be a piece of cake for the actor. The series so far has received very decent reviews from critics and audiences, and was quickly renewed on NBC. According to Collider, the show was created by Nahnatchka Khan and Jeff Chiang. On IMDb, the show has a current rating of 7.5, which shows that most audiences have a great interest in the series. 

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Young Rock

Sean Astin being cast as the fictional Dwayne Johnson’s nemesis will be very fun to see come to life on the screen. Astin has starred in big name movies such as The Lord of the Rings, and The Goonies. Astin has also had a role in the popular and successful Netflix series, Stranger Things. The actor has a past of taking on various genres from comedy to dramas to fantasy. Having a role with Dwayne Johnson in Young Rock will give Astin a chance to have a comedic role in a fun sitcom series. 

The second season of the series will premiere on NBC on March 15th, and fans and audiences will have the chance to see Sean Astin and The Rock have roles side by side. Both actors have a lot of experience, so it should be rather entertaining to see the two face off against each other. For a show that follows The Rock’s life with a mix of true and fictionalized events, the series is definitely a great show to wind down with after a long day of work. To see Sean Astin take on the role of Dr. Echo, tune into the series on NBC this Tuesday.