Dwayne Johnson Playing God Of War’s Kratos?

A Twitter user claiming to be a leaker says the makers of the upcoming God of War series want Dwayne Johnson as Kratos.

By TeeJay Small | Updated

God Of War Ragnarok

With The Super Mario Bros. Movie and HBO’s The Last Of Us series finally proving to studios that video game adaptations can be both highly profitable and serve as masterful works of art when in the right hands, it seems that now the floodgates have opened for more epic video game tales to hit the big and small screen. According to a source on Twitter, the directors of the upcoming Amazon God Of War adaptation series are eying Dwayne Johnson to play the series lead, Kratos.

While the Twitter user claims that their source is TMZ, there doesn’t appear to be any official reporting from the entertainment news outlet.

Despite the unsubstantiated rumors, many fans would certainly be ecstatic to see Dwayne Johnson take on the role, as his humungous musclebound physique marks him as one of the only actors currently working who could faithfully bring the character to life. Still, other Twitter users have found committed fan castings other than the Fast and Furious star, citing another former wrestling star, Dave Bautista, as a suitable option.

This would make plenty of sense as Bautista is often known to portray more emotionally complex characters than Dwayne Johnson, with his nearly decade-long stint as Guardians of the Galaxy’s Drax just recently coming to an end.

Kratos serves as one of the deepest and most complicated characters ever committed to video games, with some Twitter users wondering aloud if Dwayne Johnson has the range to bring the emotional baggage to life on screen.

Many users seem to be more interested in seeing Christopher Judge bring Kratos to life for the small screen in place of Dwayne Johnson, after Judge provided such incredible voice work to the character in both 2018’s God of War and 2022’s God of War: Ragnarok, after taking over the role from TC Carson, who provided the voice in the original God of War trilogy.

Of course, Christopher Judge also performed the motion capture for many of Kratos’ cutscenes in the recent games, making him a seemingly perfect fit to reprise the role for the Amazon series, as he has essentially already done it.

Regardless of whether or not Dwayne Johnson takes on the mantle, other Twitter users instantly began to speculate about other roles in the franchise, such as Kratos’ son, Atreus, who first appeared in the 2018 outing, and has since become a fan favorite character, growing into a man under Kratos’ tutelage right before the eyes of Playstation players across the world.

One Twitter user posits the likelihood of the role going to Spider-Man actor Tom Holland, who seems to fit the physique and profile of Atreus perfectly.

Others, of course, took the opportunity to jest about the seemingly recurring tropes of Dwayne Johnson’s films, with some even pointing out Johnson’s frequent choices for co-star casting.

One Twitter user speculated that a God of War series which ultimately serves as something of a Dwayne Johnson vanity project could mean casting comedian Kevin Hart as Atreus, given that the pair have worked together on more than five feature films, according to IMDb.

Obviously, a Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson dual casting would not be ideal for adapting this source material, but the idea does sound like it would be a blast as an original series.

The pair’s shared comedic sensibility as well as their enormous gap in physical size would make for a delightful pairing in the God of War universe, perhaps leaving the door open for the actors to appear in the series as cameo appearances in minor comedic relief roles, rather than tasking them with anchoring the intense emotional weight of Kratos and Atreus’ journey.

Unfortunately, all this discussion may be for naught, as the studio has yet to reveal any concrete casting information for the series at this time.

In fact, the original Twitter user who shared the rumor may not necessarily be a trustworthy source of information, as they shared a humorous video in response to somebody asking them to link their source. In the video, the character on screen explains that he has no source, as he simply made up the information provided.

While this humorous exchange doesn’t necessarily mean the original user made up the Dwayne Johnson casting rumors, it does seem to cast a shadow of doubt across the entire conversation. Regardless, all we can do for now is wait and see what the producers of the God of War series have in store for us.