Doom Patrol Season 4’s Fate Has Been Decided

By Faith McKay | 3 weeks ago

Doom Patrol season 4

As part of the DC FanDome event, many different TV series and movies saw the release of trailers, concept art, and big announcements about release dates and exciting new characters. For Doom Patrol on HBO Max, fans got two very important things. First, a mid-season 3 trailer that shows off what’s ahead for the imaginative series. Second: confirmation that the series has been renewed. That’s right. Fans can still look forward to Doom Patrol season 4. It’s happening.

Confirmation of Doom Patrol season 4 makes it a lot easier for fans to enjoy the rest of season 3. Often, networks won’t tell fans whether a show has been renewed or not before the season even ends, so there is tension as audiences wait to see if there will be a satisfying ending or whether the show will ever get to see an ending that fans can be happy with. Now, fans can finish off this third season knowing that it isn’t the end. So what is going to happen? DC put together a little teaser video to show off some of the stunning visual effects and character banter on the way. You can watch the teaser below.

Like Kaley Cuoco’s Harley Quinn series, Doom Patrol got its start on the DC Universe streaming service. The first two seasons of the show originally aired there. The third season is currently mid-way through and being released on its new home at HBO Max. The first and second seasons have also migrated to the new streaming platform. Currently, Doom Patrol season 4 doesn’t have a release date.

The DC-based comic series is often overlooked. It isn’t one that gets its fair attention from fans of the genre, in part because it’s more absurd than more series. That tone gains more loyalty from those who do turn in though since fans of the show know that there is nothing else like it. Fortunately, that means the series has gained enough confidence from the studio that Doom Patrol season 4 isn’t the only thing fans of the show currently have to look forward to. The series is possibly getting its own spin-off project. Recently, HBO Max ordered a pilot episode for Dead Boy Detectives. That doesn’t guarantee that a whole series will be made, but it does open the door. The spinoff project and renewed fourth season show that, for now anyway, HBO Max is sticking with Doom Patrol.

And that makes sense, as the third season of the HBO Max series has been adding a ton of characters and exciting new storylines. Recently, actor Brendan Fraser has been seeing something of a renaissance for his career. Fans were overly excited when a few announcements were made for new projects for the actor. Hopefully, some of that newfound attention will bring to light that Brendan Fraser is on this series on HBO Max and new fans will discover the show before Doom Patrol season 4 starts streaming. A fresh wave of fans discovering the show may be the ticket to keeping the series going well beyond season 4.