BBC Cancels Doctor Who Season 14 Release, Series Delayed Indefinitely?

By Britta DeVore | Updated

ncuti gatwa doctor who
Ncuti Gatwa in Doctor Who

Good things come to those who wait and, unfortunately, dedicated Doctor Who fans waiting on Season 14 will need to hold their horses just a little bit longer. Playing with the emotions of audiences around the globe, the BBC got hearts racing when they shared that the fourteenth season of the sci-fi series would premiere in Spring 2024 before ripping the return away. Just one day later, readers noticed that in the initial announcement, which also included promotional bits for November and December specials, the spring release was struck from the record.

Screenshot of the original BBC post

As clear as day, the original post promised fans that along with the arrival of three hour-long episodes of Doctor Who to be released in November and a Christmas special to coincide with the holidays, Season 14 would be just around the corner.

A BBC post stating that Doctor Who Season 14 would premiere in Spring 2024 has removed all mention of the upcoming season’s release.

Giving spring 2024 as a release window, all hope was crushed in the edited post that only mentions the November and December installments. Don’t get us wrong, we’re thrilled that the show’s 60th anniversary is still being celebrated by specials, but the axing of the next season’s release window is a huge letdown.

But, why was the exciting news of the spring arrival of Doctor Who’s Season 14 so rudely cut from the BBC’s headlines? Either way you cut it, it probably spells out trouble for the person in charge of breaking the news. On one hand, this information could have been completely false, but on the other, the information might’ve been accurate, but those at the top hadn’t planned for it to break just yet, meaning someone is likely losing their job over it. 

With promos already afoot for Doctor Who Season 14, it’s more than likely that spring 2024 will be when fans can expect to see the Doctor return. Plus, with the build-up behind David Tennant and Catherine Tate’s dynamic return to celebrate 60 years of Who, the folks behind the show are undoubtedly going to use that time and platform to further market Season 14.

David Tennant

With this in mind, it seems more and more likely for the release date to be revealed sooner rather than later. Also, with filming just wrapping one month ago, the creative team is surely working overtime to put the season together.

This deleted information could have been completely false, however, the information might’ve been accurate, but those at the top hadn’t planned for it to break just yet.

As for what audiences can expect from Doctor Who’s upcoming and highly-anticipated Season 14, Ncuti Gatwa (Sex Education) will take over the next version of the Doctor with Coronation Street’s Millie Gibson by his side as his companion, Ruby Sunday.

Reprising her role as Melanie Bush will be Bonnie Langford (Just William) with other names including Indira Varma (Game of Thrones), Jemma Redgrave (Bramwell), Aneurin Barnard (The White Queen), Jonathan Groff (Spring Awakening), RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 5 winner Jinkx Monsoon, and Lenny Rush (Am I Being Unreasonable) also joining the cast.

With both fall and the holiday season just around the corner, those two big Doctor Who specials are on the way. Hopefully, with them will come some official news surrounding when fans can expect Doctor Who to return for Season 14.