Doctor Strange 2 Reveals First Look At New Marvel Superhero

The latest Doctor Strange 2 art for the Multiverse of Madness revealed a new character coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Doctor Strange 2 is gearing up to be one of the cooler movies the Marvel Cinematic Universe has ever put out there. So many new films in this franchise are becoming total cinematic events, meant to collide characters and worlds in a way we’ve rarely seen before. It’s an exciting time for the MCU and this sequel is set to deliver the goods. And the latest look at the movie gives us a glimpse of a new character as well. That’s going to be America Chavez or Miss America who is set to make her first appearance in this movie. 

The Doctor Strange 2 poster is courtesy of @Adam_Khan100 over on Twitter and it’s what looks like a comic book cover for the actual movie. According to the tweet, it was meant as a gift for the cast and crew of the movie. In the picture, we see a couple of familiar faces. There’s Benedict Cumberbatch as the titular Doctor Strange. We also have Benedict Wong as Wong. Looming above the two is Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff/ Scarlett Witch who was possibly going to be the antagonist in the film, though that could end up being Shuma-Gorath. And then there is someone you might not recognize. That’s Miss America. Check it out:

Doctor Strange 2 is going to be known as The Multiverse of Madness and could be a reality-bending step into the Marvel Universe. How they handle the characters and stories isn’t totally clear yet, but it could pit Strange and Wanda against each other in some fashion. We do know that it will introduce Xochiti Gomez as America Chavez as well. In the comics, Chavez is from a parallel universe (so she’ll fit right in here) and adopted the Miss America name in her travels. She eventually becomes a member of the Young Avengers and also A-Force, an all-female version of the group. 

It’s unclear how Miss America will work into Doctor Strange 2 but there are certainly a lot of possibilities. If we are taking trips down different paths in the Multiverse, this is likely where Strange encounters her or enlists her in the fight. The character, despite having odd roots and origins, does look the part of an average American teenager. It’s part of the persona and it carries over here to this new official movie art. The outfit looks decidedly un-superhero-like, but make no mistake, she’s powerful. Miss America has intense strength and can fly as well. She can control the multiverse somewhat as well, opening portals to other dimensions, something apparently Shuma-Gorath will be interested in. This is likely to be a major part of the movie’s plot. 

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Doctor Strange 2 began filming late last year and wrapped up back in April. But don’t get too antsy yet. We are still a long way off from actually getting it up on the big screen. The release date isn’t until March 25. 2022. There will be plenty of time for some rumors about the possible story arc and to catch a glimpse of Miss America in the flesh.