The Most Surprising Ways To Kill Deadpool

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

Ryan Reynolds Deadpool
Deadpool (2016)

One of the most entertaining things about watching Deadpool is that he has a Wolverine-style healing factor that helps him heal from almost any wound, regenerate lost limbs, and generally survive almost anything. With that being said, longtime readers of Marvel comics know that there are more than a few weapons and strategies in this fantastic universe to destroy the “Merc With a Mouth.” Out of all the ways it’s possible to kill Deadpool, here are a few of our absolute faves.


deadpool kills
Older Wolverine variant killed by a Sentinel in Uncanny X-Men #142 (Marvel Comics, 1981)

The simplest way to kill Deadpool is actually the most direct: to completely disintegrate his body. We know that his healing factor works similarly to Wolverine’s, and we have previously seen Wolverine get killed in the iconic “Days of Future Past” universe when a powerful blast from a mutant-hunting Sentinel destroyed all the flesh on his body. The same thing would work with Deadpool (he can’t regenerate flesh that’s no longer there), but someone would need a similarly-powerful blast or, barring weaponry, a character like Captain Marvel could simply toss Deadpool into the sun.


deadpool kills
Deadpool kills Wolverine with a Carbonadium sword in Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #3
(Marvel Comics, 2012

Another strategy from the “if it kills Wolverine, it will also kill Deadpool” file is to attack the motormouth character with a weapon made of Carbonadium. If that name doesn’t ring a bell, it’s a kind of radioactive steel used by characters like Omega Red because it has a very special power: it can cancel out someone’s healing factor. In an alternate universe, we even see Deadpool kill Wolverine by decapitating him with Carbonadium katanas, so if someone attacked Deadpool with a similar weapon, they could kill him. 

Power Suppression

Along similar lines, there are also different ways to turn off a character’s healing power in the Marvel universe, including the mutant power suppressors once used in places like Genosha. Deadpool’s healing ability is a part of his mutant power, so if he were to suddenly lose that healing power, he would very likely die in a very serious fight (something that almost happened once when a special serum briefly robbed him of his powers). Even if Deadpool were to avoid fighting altogether after he lost his mutant powers, the cancer ravaging his body would soon kill him if he lost his healing power.

Curing His Cancer

deadpool kills
Skrulls die after stealing Deadpool’s healing factor in Deadpool #3 (Marvel Comics, 2008)

Speaking of cancer, the craziest possible way for someone to possibly kill Deadpool would be to somehow cure his cancer. That’s because the healing factor is designed to perfectly restore Deadpool’s cells as the cancer destroys them, and when a group of Skrulls once stole Deadpool’s powers, they ended up exploding because the aggressive healing factor overwhelmed their bodies by healing them too fast when their cells weren’t already dying. Therefore, if anyone (hero or villain) were to cure Deadpool’s cancer, it would effectively be a death sentence for this quirky antihero.

While all of these are proven methods that Deadpool could be killed in the Marvel universe, the truth is that even if Deadpool died, sheer fan demand would bring him back to comics in no time. It was that same demand that brought the character back after his awful portrayal in X-Men Origins: Wolverine so that he could headline one of the most successful franchises of all time.

We’ll have to see if Wolverine’s claws and his own berserker rage will be enough to kill the Merc With a Mouth when he comes to the MCU in Deadpool 3.