Wolverine And Deadpool Fight Scene From Deadpool 3 Leaked Online

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

Deadpool 3

It’s fair to say that Deadpool 3 is one of the most widely-anticipated superhero movies, especially because it is going to unite Ryan Reynolds’ hilarious Deadpool with Hugh Jackman’s iconically-grumpy Wolverine. It’s also going to be the first Deadpool movie released by Disney, and many fans are morbidly curious whether it will be filled with all the profanity and blood-letting we’ve come to expect.

While the writers and actors striking have delayed the production of this film, we can finally see what it looks like when Deadpool and Wolverine fight in this leaked scene.

The footage was taken from far enough away there we couldn’t really make out any dialogue, so this leaked scene doesn’t tell us much about the actual plot of Deadpool 3. However, it does let us glimpse the inevitable moment of every superhero team-up story: when the two characters fight each before realizing they need to team up to fight a common enemy.

For longtime fans of the comics, it’s a rare treat to not only see these characters slugging it out in live action but to see Wolverine in his comics-appropriate suit.

Wolverine’s yellow costume in the 90s

As you’ll recall, the earliest X-Men movies chose to put our favorite band of merry mutants in black leather outfits that seemed clearly inspired by the breakout success of The Matrix. In short, black leather was in and bright colors were out, so Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine often fought the bad guys in little more than a stylized motorcycle jacket and pants.

Deadpool 3 is actually putting the character in something closer to his original comic appearance, though keen-eyed fans may note some of the costume flourishes look more like Wolverine’s design in Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men comics.

Wolverine in black for the X-Men movies

Deadpool himself has a costume very similar to what he wore in the first two movies, but we can’t blame the filmmakers for not wanting to mess with perfection.

As for the fight itself, there is not that much to describe: our characters are squaring off in a remote, snowy location for what may very well be their first encounter. There is a pause before the action (presumably for an exchange of dialogue), and then the two start going at it in what is sure to be one of the more exciting scenes in Deadpool 3.

If you’re worried that the fight scene doesn’t look cool right now, don’t be: most fight scenes look extremely boring when they are being filmed, and only through the special alchemy of well-timed edits, sound effects, and a soaring musical score are they transformed into the kinds of scenes that make your skin tingle. 

We’re confident that when the time comes, this Marvel movie is going to blow us away with some incredible fight sequences, and a showdown between two guys with a healing factor is likely to get really bloody. By the time you’re watching Deadpool 3 in theaters, you can bet that buckets of blood will stain that white snow before this scene is over.

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