Dave Bautista Wants To Turn One Of The Best Games Into A Movie

Dave Bautista is campaigning again to star as Marcus Fenix in the Gears of War movie and series.

By James Brizuela | Published

While the pop culture-loving world sees Dave Bautista as the perfectly cast Drax the Destroyer, there is another coveted role that everyone has been begging to see the man portray. That happens to be Marcus Fenix in Gears of War, which is now being turned into a movie and animated series on Netflix, and Bautista is certainly making his case known that he should be in the leading role. While the above tweet might just be his campaign to be cast in the movie and or series, we would argue he should do both.

Gears of Wars is celebrating its 16th anniversary, which led to Netflix posting about the upcoming partnership with The Coalition to bring to life arguably one of the most important franchises in gaming history. Dave Bautista has also been campaigning to play Marcus Fenix for quite some time, even going so far as to pitch a movie adaptation to Warner Bros., though nothing ever moved forward. Now, he is back on social media once again showcasing why he would be the perfect person to lead the charge in this video game adaptation.

Gears of War

While the above tweet might just be Dave Bautista throwing his hat back into the ring, it could also be that he is leading the new movie and series, but that has not yet been officially announced. We would imagine Netflix would not want that information just thrown out there after making their huge announcement, but Bautista has enough fan support that it wouldn’t matter. The streaming giant would certainly get the approval of the masses if Bautista was meant to be the leading man in the Gears of War adaptation franchise.

For now, everyone can see Dave Bautista return as Drax the Destroyer in the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, which is meant to provide plenty of laughs and some implications for the upcoming Phase 5 of the MCU. He will also presumably say goodbye to the role next year when Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is released. With some time on his hands, it would be the perfect time for the man to be brought in to help shape this new Gears of War franchise partnership.

To be honest, there is no one more perfect for the role of Marcus Fenix than Dave Bautista. His voice, body shape, and demeanor fit the bill so well, and Netflix should be jumping at the chance to bring him in. No casting announcements or directors have been announced for either movie or series, but we would imagine that news will be coming out in the coming weeks.

Dave Bautista also looks good in the armor, as he showcases in the excitable video above. We sure hope that his campaigning is a bit of foreshadowing for the casting announcement that he is, in fact, going to be portraying Marcus Fenix. With the many video game adaptations that are now becoming popular, it appears Netflix is also going to be jumping on that ship.

Dave Bautista is Marcus Fenix, and as far as we are concerned, the part should go to no one else but him. We hope to be announcing soon that he is joining the adaptations, but keep your eyes peeled for when Netflix decides to release that information.