Daredevil Season 4 Being Set Up By Another Disney+ Series?

A new rumor says a new Daredevil season may be getting set up by a Disney+ series.

By Kristi Eckert | Published


Fans have not seen the likes of Matt Murdock on Netflix’s Daredevil since the platform streamed its final season at the tail end of 2018. The widely successful series concluded as a result of the end of a contract that Netflix had with Disney and ever since fans have been wondering if and when they would get to see Daredevil again. However, according to We Got This Covered, fans just might have some hope. The site recently speculated that it is possible that we could see Daredevil show up again on Disney+ in the future. Ultimately though the report is supported by a lot of conjecture and it’s very likely that they are just grasping at straws for now, so I wouldn’t get too excited just yet. 

The article suggested that because Charlie Cox, who starred as Daredevil in the Netflix show, canceled a scheduled convention appearance at the same time that the movie Spider-Man 3: No Way Home was reshooting some of their scenes, that it alluded to the possibility that he did so in order to be available to film scenes as Daredevil for the movie. This is a really big stretch, though, because there has been no concrete evidence to support that Daredevil has a role or would even make a brief appearance in the film. 

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There have also been other sites speculating as to a possible Disney+ resurgence of Daredevil. Geekosity attempted to make a connection between Daredevil and the upcoming Disney+ series, Echo. They explained that Echo who’s real identity is Maya Lopez has strong ties to Daredevil because the comics and their stories have intersected on multiple occasions. She is the adopted daughter of Wilson Fisk, better known as Kingpin, who is also one of Daredevil’s main adversaries. Additionally, Daredevil and Echo have had romantic ties in comics, which could pave a path through which Daredevil could make an appearance on the show. However, this should also be taken with a grain of salt because Echo is not slated to premiere until 2023 and the only real detail that we have about the show is that Alaqua Cox was officially cast for the role. 

Even though it still remains to be seen when we will get to see Daredevil again, Disney does know the value that they attained when they acquired Marvel Studios as an asset and it’s clear that they want to continue to invest in developing shows for the characters that reside in the Marvel universe. In fact, they can now officially use all the characters that had once had shows on Netflix because the two-year grace period that prevented Disney from doing so has now ended.

Recently, there has even been some talk that we could see Charlie Cox, as Daredevil pop-up on screen well before the premiere of Echo, in the upcoming Hawkeye. That news comes alongside others that could possibly tie Cox’s Daredevil to various future Marvel projects, including She-Hulk. Until further confirmations are released, fans will just have to wait for more information as to when they will get to see Daredevil, and the other Defenders like Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and The Punisher, whose stories were also halted as a result of the Disney/Netflix contract. 

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