See Daniel Radcliffe As Marvel’s New Wolverine

Though this kind of casting news isn't imminent, you can check out what Daniel Radcliffe would look like as Marvel's Wolverine.

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Daniel Radcliffe has had an excellent career on the big and small screen, but he’ll likely always be known first and foremost as Harry Potter, the role that started his career. That being said, it hasn’t stopped folks from imagining him in other parts, even superhero ones if given the chance. The latest art has Radcliffe embodying a totally different character than what he’s played in the past. The new look has him as Wolverine with a much more rugged and torn look than we are used to seeing for the actor. 

The post is from Twitter user @BossLogic and is dated all the way back in 2019, but still holds up today. It’s an up-close look at Daniel Radcliffe as Logan/ Wolverine with some stylizing that is reminiscent of the Hugh Jackman character but with some differences as well. We see a big scar along his cheek and the subtle but menacing outline of the claws in the forefront as well. Check out what the actor could look like if he ever took over this character. 

You wouldn’t have necessarily thought it possible, especially considering his early-career roles, but it looks like Daniel Radcliffe can definitely pull something like this off. He can carry a more hardened look than we might have pictured from his days starting out as a baby-faced Harry Potter. And considering this is a character we watched grow up on the big screen before our very eyes, it stands in sharp contrast to that wand waiving Hogwarts kid. 

Could we see Daniel Radcliffe one day enter the superhero space? I think it’s entirely possible as he moves through his career, one that’s seen him take a number of very different roles that have been focused on distancing himself from the Harry Potter days of yore. That being said, there have been rumors about him one day getting back into the iconic part of a movie version of The Cursed Child. 

While he certainly looks the part in this latest art, Daniel Radcliffe has been going more the comedy route recently. He’s currently starring in TBS’s Miracle Workers alongside Steve Buscemi. The anthology comedy which is based on the works of Simon Rich is about to enter its third season later this month. He’s also set to take a humorous villain turn in Lost City of D which also stars Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, and Brad Pitt. They are currently filming the movie. 

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As for Wolverine, Daniel Radcliffe isn’t in the current plans for the character, but we also don’t really know which direction the Marvel Cinematic Universe will go moving forward. With the X-Men now falling under the Marvel Studios umbrella, there’s been quite a bit of speculation about how they will begin to factor into the current universe. Long-standing as their own franchises, they will now integrate with the running stories, though we aren’t exactly sure how. Evan Peters made a cameo as QuickSilver in WandaVision, but that was never meant to be a longer-running part for the actor. 

In all, I think we are mostly just dreaming of the idea of Daniel Radcliffe as Wolverine because of this artwork. It isn’t something likely to actually take hold for Marvel anytime soon.