Daniel Radcliffe Is Making A Movie About His Own Life?

By Doug Norrie | 4 weeks ago

Daniel Radcliffe

To say Daniel Radcliffe has had a singular experience when it comes to a Hollywood career would be making a massive understatement. The dude grew up before our very eyes on the big screen, playing one of the most popular book and movie characters of all time. In some people’s eyes, he’ll just always be Harry Potter and there’s really not much to be done on that front. But in later years he’s done a fantastic job of distancing himself from the role and showing his true talent. Now it looks like he has some ideas for a film he could write and direct when the time is right. And it might be about the thing Daniel Radcliffe likely knows best: the movie industry. 

While speaking with Empire (via MovieWeb), Daniel Radcliffe discussed some future plans and what was maybe in store for him on the work front down the line. With this, he talked about having gotten something already down in the form of a script and how he hoped to helm it as well. This would be a major move for the actor who doesn’t have any writing or directing credits as of yet. But that could be set to change. And he also talked about how the story could take shape, drawing from personal experience on this one. Check out what Daniel Radcliffe had to say: 

“I’ve got an idea for something that I have written. I’m hopefully going to direct. It will be in a couple of years’ time…People always say, ‘Write what you know’. I’ve had a very unrelatable life, so I don’t want to write that. But I have found a way of writing something that is kind of connected to the film industry, about that.”

daniel radcliffe now you see me

Ok, so, on the one hand, Daniel Radcliffe says that the idea about his life, in particular, might not play for a wider audience because it’s “unrelatable” which is just about the understatement of a lifetime. There are few (if any) who could ever identify with how Radcliffe has come up over the years. But then he mentions that the story connects to the film industry after saying about writing what you know. In this way, his life has been literally spent in the film industry. 

Any story along these lines would almost definitely draw at least in part from his experience. Few actors have garnered the kind of fame he did at a young age and then kept working for decades on the back of his talent. A Daniel Radcliffe movie about the film industry would likely draw heavily on his life, at least in the major beats. 

For now, Daniel Radcliffe mentions that the possibility of this movie getting put into motion isn’t going to happen in the short term because of what he has on his plate right now. He is currently promoting The Lost City which has him playing an eccentric billionaire who kidnaps Sandra Bullock’s character. She’s a romance novelist who Radcliffe’s character believes has the key to finding this titular city and treasure inside. 

And next up is another big film, this one a biopic about one of the most unique and singular music talents we’ve ever had. Daniel Radcliffe will be playing ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic in the story about the parody songwriter who’s given us some of the funniest songs ever penned. I don’t know what the opposite of Harry Potter is, but this seems pretty darn close. It’s what Daniel Radcliffe has been doing since playing the Boy Who Lived all those years. And Daniel Radcliffe has shown himself adept at all kinds of roles. After that could be a story about the Hollywood industry as he sees it.