Daniel Radcliffe Claims He’s Perfect For A Billion-Dollar Franchise

By Doug Norrie | 1 month ago

daniel radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe knows a thing or two about starring in billion-dollar movie franchises. Heck, this guy essentially started growing up right before our very eyes when he was introduced to the world more than two decades as Harry Potter. He spent his formative years playing one of the most popular characters of all time. So if anyone would know the pressures of taking on iconic and beloved figures in major movies, this would be the guy. Well, he recently said that he could see himself in another very popular role, thinking he’d fit in well for the part. Though it’s unclear how much he’s gunning (or slinging) for the role. 

While speaking with Insider (via NME) about other roles he could see himself taking on in the future, Daniel Radcliffe was pretty candid with the response, opening up somewhat about wanting to take different roles as his career moves into the future. During that conversation, Radcliffe alluded to a major role in the Marvel Universe and about why, at least from an industry perspective, it would sense for him to at least consider the role of Spider-Man. But with that, he also began to dismiss the idea as well. Check out what Daniel Radcliffe said about the situation. 

“Like everything, if it was cool and weird and different and had something that I really loved about it, then absolutely, I would do that…The one I would be a natural fit for has now been done by three very good actors…Tom Holland is incredible and no one could ever replace him, so I’ll let that one go.”

daniel radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe doesn’t mention Spider-Man by name, though it wasn’t like he was really being all that coy on that front. Everyone knows exactly who he’s talking about of course. When he says he’d be a “natural fit” it also doesn’t sound like he’s being all that egotistical either. This is just a guy who understands how the industry works and what kind of roles studios would likely want him for when projecting out franchises. Again, Radcliffe probably more than anyone has a pulse on the industry in this way. 

And sure, while Daniel Radcliffe brought up the idea of playing Spider-Man before moving past it, it is something that couldn’t help but make fans begin to wonder about the future for that character. Considering the names who’ve already taken on the role in Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire, and Andrew Garfield, it would seem like adding a superstar to that franchise sometime in the future would make sense. But remember, those guys didn’t have nearly the career standing as Radcliffe when they first entered the roles, far from it. Just from that standpoint, things would be considerably different. 

Over the years, Daniel Radcliffe has worked hard to distance himself from the role of Harry Potter. He’s taken smaller, sometimes weirder movies and played characters wholly unlike The Boy Who Lived. In his latest film, The Lost City, he plays an eccentric (crazy) billionaire who captures Sandra Bullock’s novelist character in an effort to unlock a secret from one of her books (which she totally made up). Next up he’ll be starring in a biopic about Weird Al Yankovic. In that one, he’ll be taking on the role of a goofy, song parody writer who shot to fame crafting ditties based on popular hits. So yeah, these are pretty different roles than Harry Potter and a far cry from anything Spider-Man.