See Daisy Ridley Hint Her Star Wars Co-Star Is Joining Marvel

Is she right?

By Michileen Martin | Published

Andor Has Broken A Very Odd Record

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What must it be like when you’re a celebrity and are subjected to countless rumors and reports about your next job, your personal life, and everything else? Well, it seems that one of the leads of the Star Wars sequels has figured out one way to relieve the pressure–by pointing all the journalists to someone else. At least, that’s what Daisy Ridley recently did by hinting her friend John Boyega has officially joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Josh Horowitz of the Happy Sad Confused podcast recently released a clip from his interview with Boyega in which he surprises the star with a recording from his The Force Awakens co-star. Horowitz introduces it by saying he has “a question courtesy of a mutual friend.” Boyega instantly recognizes Ridley’s voice and laughs. Daisy Ridley’s recording addresses John Boyega directly, saying, “I would love you to look Josh dead in the eye and convincingly tell him that you are really not part of the Marvel Universe in any way, shape, or form.” You can watch the clip below.

As you can see in the clip, Daisy Ridley at the very least succeeds in entertaining John Boyega, who nevertheless insists any reports of him being cast in a Marvel role are wrong. “Trust me, I’ve had no talks, I haven’t done no Marvel movies,” Boyega tells Horowitz. “But I’m gonna watch ’em, I’m gonna be there in the audience though. I’m gonna be in the chair. Popcorn. Drinks.” The Attack the Block star then does his best to turn things back around on Ridley, suggesting instead it’s her who has been in secret talks with Marvel Studios.

Obviously Daisy Ridley and John Boyega are having a lot of fun with each other here, but from it’s impossible to decide what the joke is. It’s just as easy to imagine that Ridley knows Boyega isn’t working with Marvel and is messing with her fellow Star Wars alum by making it even more difficult for him to convince interviewers of the truth, as it is to think the joke is that she’s making it tougher for Boyega to stop himself from revealing a secret he’s let her in on. For our part, we’re thinking it’s the latter, since our own sources told us only a few months ago that Boyega is not only a part of the MCU, but he’s already filmed his part. We don’t know he’s playing, but some speculation points toward the space-faring hero Nova, while some think he’ll be playing the Blue Marvel.

From the way he speaks of her, it seems clear Daisy Ridley and John Boyega became close friends during their time on Star Wars, though sadly it’s doubtful they could ever collaborate in the franchise again. Just last week Boyega said he was done with Star Wars. Considering the racism Boyega faced during his time on the sequel trilogy, it’s difficult to blame him for not wanting to revisit that not so “far, far away” galaxy.