Exclusive: John Boyega Has Filmed A Secret Marvel Appearance

Who will he play?

By Michileen Martin | Published

john boyega

Apparently, being a part of just one huge Disney-owned franchise wasn’t enough for John Boyega. The man who most of the world got to know as Finn of the most recent Star Wars cinematic trilogy will apparently be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Our trusted and proven source has told us Boyega has filmed a part for Marvel, and he’s done it in secret.

As far as who John Boyega will play in the MCU or in what project, our source wasn’t able to reveal those details unfortunately. And with what the MCU has become with the introduction of its vast multiverse, saying “the possibilities are endless” may be cliche, but it would still be accurate. Boyega could be anything from an Eternal to a mutant to an Inhuman. He could be a variant Bruce Banner, a variant Tony Stark, a variant Black Panther, a variant Drax, or a variant… anyone. Literally anyone.

But that doesn’t mean the entertainment news landscape isn’t already littered with some hints regarding what project John Boyega has joined. Last year in particular there were a lot of rumors circulating about Boyega being cast in a Marvel project. While different stories placed the actor in different roles and projects, all of them pointed in the same general direction: up.

One of the likeliest roles we could find John Boyega in is that of Nova, aka the Human Rocket. On one hand, we know Marvel is developing a project based on the cosmic hero. On the other, Boyega has already expressed interest in playing the character. In 2014, in tweets which have since been deleted, the actor mentioned Nova as one of the heroes he’d love to play for Marvel. As far as we know, any solo Nova project is still in the development phase, but it’s possible Marvel is planning to introduce him in another show or movie first. Marvel Studios has three movies releasing next year and two of them — The Marvels and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 — would be perfect opportunities to introduce Nova.

blue marvel

Another character John Boyega has already been speculated to play is Adam Brashear, aka the Blue Marvel. It’s long been theorized that an unnamed character Monica Rambeau — played by Teyonah Parris, who will star in The Marvels — communicates with in WandaVision was the Blue Marvel. Not to mention that considering the name The Marvels, a guy called the Blue Marvel would fit right in.

Then again, we could be seeing John Boyega in a Marvel project sooner than next year. The Star Wars actor has also expressed interest in the Black Panther franchise, and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is due to hit theaters November 11. Last May, speaking on NPR’s Fresh Air (via NME), Boyega spoke glowingly of Marvel, and in particular how they “elevate” Black characters. And the argument could be made that no single Marvel franchise does that better than Black Panther. It may be a while before we know for sure who Boyega is playing, but when we know, we’ll make sure you know.